Ideas for Keeping Your Remote Team Motivated

It can be a challenge to come up with ideas to keep your remote team motivated. Many companies have been working remotely for more than a year now, and it is vital to keep up the same energy and support for your employees as you had in the beginning stages of remote working. There are still people struggling with the change, and you want to make sure everyone stays as positive and productive as they can, by providing activities and support that encourage team bonding. Here are some ideas on how to do that.


Meditation Sessions

Meditation has become an important hobby amongst many people during quarantine and times of stress. Setting up a meditation session in the middle of the work day can be a helpful break, assisting people from getting out of a rut when they can’t seem to get any work done, or are unmotivated. Some of your team members may practice yoga regularly, and may even be willing to lead a session through a video chat.

This is a great way for your team to do something together that is stress relieving and fun. After the session, it motivates and reenergizes everyone as they get back to work.



Playing Bingo is a great way to get your employees together to have fun. There are many templates and websites online for different bingo themed cards, which make setting up the event hassle free. As an option, your company can offer small prizes to the winners for extra motivation.


Coffee Chats

Each morning, offer coffee chat calls. Your team can show off their funny coffee mugs and catch up with each other. This is a simple way to make working remote feel less secluded. Coffee chats are similar to your daily elevator ride with your teammates. The little moments one had to chat and get to know more about another outside of work are a lot more difficult with remote working, so it is great to create that opportunity for employees.

Coffee chats can a short and casual conversation with your team each morning, and a great start to the day. Starting the day off with a little conversation is a great way to ease into the workday. Keep yourself positive and motivated each morning, as well as your team.



Many people feel unmotivated working from home because they aren’t getting any recognition. A great and simple way to make sure your team is staying motivated is by keeping in touch with them and acknowledging when they are doing something that you like. Hearing good things about one’s work always puts a smile on someone’s face and makes them want to keep doing good work.

Just a simple acknowledgement will motivate someone without them even thinking about it. You may have done this in the past without a second thought about the benefits, but it is important to keep doing it.


Resource Information Session

Try to host an info session where your team can get information on available resources, such as for mental health or family resources, and have an honest conversation about the struggles of remote working. These sessions will give you a chance to hear what your employees have to say and about the struggles they are facing. You don’t necessarily need to hold these sessions frequently, maybe once a month, but you should always have the information available to your team, even when they are remote.

During difficult times, people are going through new things and need to be given the support to be happy and successful. By making these resources available, you are creating a positive, healthy, and safe work environment, even from home. Showing that you care about your team’s health will definitely keep them more motivated to do their best work.

We hope you enjoyed reading about some of the activities we recommend to keep your team motivated. It is important to create a positive work environment that people will want to be in, which is ultimately, a natural motivator.

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