Across Collections, INOX Jewelry Adds Father’s Day Gifts for Every Dad

With Father’s Day around the corner, over 100 new styles are launched by INOX Jewelry for every dad this spring.

Men’s 6mm Hematite and Gold-Plated Beads Silicone String Bracelet by INOX Jewelry

With much of the country mandated to stay in and stay safe, responding to measures seeking to flatten the curve on Coronavirus infections, the retail landscape has moved from brick and mortar to online shopping this Father’s Day season. Families are looking for affordable options, and INOX Jewelry is working to support small businesses, while helping the same families treat dads across the U.S, no matter what their taste.

Casual in style, and relaxed in matter, “Down to Earth Dad” finds peace in nature. From camping, to rock climbing, to a good hike, his accessories reflect his calming presence, and meet the natural world. For him, stone beads are a must. The Stonehenge collection wraps accessories in flexible, earthy materials. Silicone bracelets meet sturdy stones, such as jasper, hematite, and onyx. The collection’s Picasso Jasper bracelet, for example, is finished flat, so one can see the marbling in each stone.

For “Lux Dad”, INOX offers nothing but the best; for the man that enjoys the finer things—the sports car and the nice house, come the diamonds. The Valentino collection mixes chic materials: Bubinga wood and carbon fiber, with colorless diamonds. New cross pendant styles meet quality bracelets for him. The Valentino Carbon bracelet, featuring carbon graphite and simple, subtle lines, balances the brilliance of diamonds while offering a sleek look.

Mark Hollis, Founder of SalesOne LLC, says, “Our business is active 365 days a year, with peaks for holiday and Father’s Day, following the retail apparel selling cycle. Most retailers do not have room for all of our collections, and now most have their stores temporarily shuttered. In addition, our styles differ from shop to shop, servicing a variety of dads. We recently launched microsites for our retailers to expand their online assortment, just in time for Father’s Day. For the Spring/Summer 2020 season, we’ve launched over one hundred styles, giving the brand fresh looks, while offering attractive price points for Father’s Day.”

Men’s Matte Steel Man of War Anchor Pendant with Steel Bold Box Chain by INOX Jewelry

INOX’s collections keep every dad in mind. Whether a navy seal, or a blue jeans kind of guy, “Navy Dad” crushes it daily wearing blue, his favorite color. One of INOX’s most iconic collections, steel brushed blue and black plated bracelets and rings are offered in several assortments. The Two Tone Blue Hammered bracelet offers an elegant look, with a touch of ruggedness, and a subtle accent of color. In contrast, like a modern conquistador, “Adventure Dad” seeks out adventure in the every day. Learning new skills, and exploring foreign terrains. Mariner chain links are shown across the collection’s bracelets, with anchors and arrowhead motifs throughout. Anchors accessories are ideal gifts for this dad, who loves fishing, or longs for seafaring life.

For “Warrior Dads,” some practice martial arts, while others shoot at the range, but all have an affinity for Damascus steel in common. The Damascus wood-grain like pattern is unique to each ring; the square design is not only modern, but even more comfortable to wear than a regular band.

The “All American Dad” bleeds red, white and blue. Loving the 4th of July, grilling, football, and a great mac and cheese, the American flag and its patriotic colors decorate his home, and enhance his wardrobe. For him, INOX debuts new pieces in the American Flag collection.

Allegiance Stainless Steel Bracelets with Brown Wax Cord binding 2 Antique Brushed Foxtail Links by INOX Jewelry

“Our Athleisure bracelets, for the ‘Athletic Dad,’ were designed to be comfortable to wear and durable, so your dad doesn’t need to take it off for working on the yard, or pumping iron in the basement,” says Sebastian Velasquez, INOX Brand Manager. He continues, “INOX is about giving men options— and those words are never as relevant as during the Father’s Day season. Dads do not come in a ‘standard,’ they are each as unique as the relationship they share with their children, and so their gift should be.”

INOX Jewelry is a subsidiary of SalesOne LLC.

For sales inquiries, or to inquire about participation in the INOX Men’s E-store Microsite Program for retailers, contact Sebastian Velasquez at, or call 203-957-3628.

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