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“When we work with clients, everything is from the heart. Pietra Communications collaborates with brands we genuinely love. There needs to be authenticity behind every marketing and PR strategy; that is what we do best. We help you grow your business, by telling the world your story.”

-Olga González, Founder, Pietra Communications

Olga González

Founder, Pietra Communications

Founded in 2012, Pietra PR LLC quickly became a leading public relations agency specialized in the gem and jewelry trade. We partnered with prominent jewelry designers, manufacturers, retailers, trade associations, and laboratories, promoting exceptional design and a passion for gemology, both direct to consumers, and within the trade.

Then came word of mouth.

Happy brands share the news.

Today, clients come to Pietra Communications across industries, to share their stories with customers. Spanning luxury, arts, lifestyle, books, travel, and (as always) gems and jewelry, we listen and map out custom strategies for those we work with. What makes us different? We are knowledgeable about the products we promote. We treat businesses like family. We write about what we enjoy, not just who we represent, and we are selective about our partnerships. Why? Because we know our followers trust us to share what is wonderful and exceptional. Pietra Communications creates custom communications strategies that work for your business. We are on the pulse of what your current and future customers want.

Pietra PR LLC. is a New York City Certified Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE).

Let’s Work Together.

Storytelling with heart.

At Pietra Communications, we work with clients through a variety of channels to share their products and services.

Things We Love.

Sharing the #HeartofYourStory.

At Pietra Communications, we work with companies we believe in, sharing their compelling stories with the world. We use #HeartofYourStory on our social media to create awareness for incredible brands, services, and places to know. The companies we work with are listed under our “Clients” section, and others profiled here are those we just love and want to bring awareness to. Join #pietracomms in sharing the #HeartofYourStory and use the hashtag to share your story with us! We would love to hear it, and share it forward.

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