Renisis: Sculptural Jewels

Rensis reflects sculpture in its foundation; the finer essence of craftsmanship is encompassed in its collections. Its designer, Sardwell, brings captivating moments of inspiration directly to her work, encapsulating a diverse experience of cultures and personal interest. Renisis brings the wearer into a world of creativity and imagination, connecting through the beauty of wearable art.

It was lovely seeing you exhibit at the Centurion show this year. What does it mean for you to have exhibited at the show, and what was memorable for you there, looking back?

I feel honored to have exhibited at Centurion and am grateful and thankful to the Women’s Jewelry Association for making this exhibit show possible for emerging designers. This was my first show and looking back it was very memorable to meet and connect with retailers, receive critical feedback, and begin to tell the story and history behind Renisis. I learned so much though this experience and motivated to take the next steps.

Tell us about your WJA Jewelry Loupe project journey. How was it helpful for your business and what was a key takeaway from the process?

The WJA Jewelry Loupe project journey enabled me to build a community and support with other emerging designers and receive critical feedback from industry leaders to help define where Renisis can live and breathe within the jewelry industry. It was wonderful to work with my mentor, Morgan Miller, and gain industry insight and knowledge. Through this process, I have a greater understanding of possible business models and retailers that may be appropriate for Renisis jewelry.

One of the things that makes your pieces unique is how they are uniquely sculptural jewelry designs. How has your past experience with sculptures translated into this medium?

Having studied sculpture at Rhode Island School of Design has greatly benefited my creative and conceptual process, and understanding of production. The jewelry forms and shapes are initially discovered, manipulated, and sculpted with my hands, with many different materials to get a sense of scale, wearability, and function. With a deep knowledge of different materials and processes, I am able to design the jewelry pieces for production.

Past years, I created large sculptures with steel, wood, fabric and resin and now have translated those forms into sculptural jewelry discovering its shape and interaction with the body.

Having lived abroad and experienced diverse cultures, can you share how it reflects in your designs for Renisis?

Living and interacting with diverse cultures has greatly influenced and inspired my work. For example, Evidence of the Future Collection is inspired by my time in Asia investigating architectural forms, traditional dress, and natural materials, such as pearls and jade. These diverse cultural identities are remixed in the imaginative world of Renisis. The Bow Temple Ring, for example, is inspired by the architectural shape of a temple, connecting the future world of Renisis with the past world of ancient traditions.

Tell us about the naming of your brand, and how would you describe your journey?

The brand name originates from the Latin word “Renitor” – which means struggle and fight and the rebirth and reincarnation of a Renaissance. Renisis to me represents my personal creative and artistic journey; the struggle and fight to be creative, innovative, and daring in design. It is a personal journey that requires determination, persistence, and desire to be as innovative and ahead of one’s time – a reflection of a future world. I hope to break design boundaries and continue to be new and fresh.

Working on the grand productions at Teatro Colon must have been an incredible experience. How did this exposure to theatrical set design influence your approach to jewelry making?

Theatrical set design and production is another form of sculpture and I enjoy how light, shadow, and scale, can transform the stage. I hope Renisis Jewels also harbor this power of transformation and allow the wearer to transform and transcend, becoming a vibrant and positive version of themselves.

Tell us about your experience with staying with a Miao silversmithing family in China, observing their craft. How did this encounter shape your perspective on wearable art and jewelry design?

The Miao Minority group traditionally wear bold large and sculptural fine silver jewelry. It was groundbreaking to see how they produce these works of art with minimal tools and resources. It inspired me to begin to make jewelry again, or shrink the scale of my sculptures to wearable art, as I was similarly limited with resources, space and tools in China. From then on, I continued to create and experiment with jewelry, and later studied with goldsmiths in Brazil.

What vision do you have for the future of Renisis?

Renisis is still very young in its journey. Besides building a business, I would like Renisis to really be a world of creativity and imagination where partnerships and special projects push our perception and innovation of fashion, jewelry, and accessories.

Discuss the long-term goals you still want to accomplish for your business, and for yourself.

One of my longterm goals is to work with future artists and brands to bring together creatives from different cultures and industries. I feel that cultural mix and exchange, as well as the acquired fresh perspective, is key to remaining relevant and innovative in today’s society.

Renisis is marked by the distinct taste and craftsmanship of the talented designer, Sardwell. To follow her journey and learn more about Rensis, visit https://www.renisis.com/.

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