Rosey Skye: Spirit of Goodwill

With an affinity for nature, land, and sea, Patty Lauritzen of Rosey Skye created a brand for those who value the same. Developed with family values in mind, Rosey Skye features a number of fine jewelry pieces across collections, alongside the option to create one’s own custom piece. Read our interview with the designer here.

How did your experience at the Gemological Institute of America influence you as a designer?

My experience at GIA was pivotal, as it bolstered my expertise in diamonds. I completed my lab class at the Carlsbad campus and spent hours at the library studying books on Art Nouveau and Edwardian design. Being immersed in a community of gemologists was very inspiring. It gave me time to focus on my artistic vision as a cohesive fine jewelry collection.


Have your daughters impacted the work or aesthetic of Rosey Skye?

Most certainly! Rosey Skye is actually my daughtersmiddle names. Im an optimist and have always felt the power of positivity, so Rosey Skye was a natural fit. My collection is intended to evoke happiness, so there is an element of whimsy to capture the delicate lightnessthose beautiful moments of feeling so alive. Being a mother has made me very in tune with that.


Tell us about some of your non-profit partnerships.

I believe that goodwill is the true spirit of Rosey Skye and I am drawn to non-profits that protect the environment, animals, mental wellness, and children. My Coral Reef Medallion was inspired by the scientists restoring the reefs, so a portion of proceeds from that piece is donated to the Coral Restoration Foundation. Similarly, my new Harbor Collection honors the people in our lives who create a safe space for us to be our best selves. So, the Harbor Ring will generate contributions to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).


How has adopting a green business model affected your work, and what does that mean for you, specifically? How does this set you apart from other jewelry companies?

My pieces tend to be weighty. I like to use substantial gold and high-quality gems, so they can be handed down through the generations. One differentiator of Rosey Skye is that many of the gems I use are mined here in North America, as you can see in the American Gems collection. I use diamonds from Canada, benitoite from California, and sapphire from Montana. I incorporate antique gems in some of my pieces as well. Im also a member of Ethical Metalsmiths and plan to attend the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference for a second time later this year. My packaging is reusable and recyclable, and I work digitally to do my part to save the trees.

Mermaidcore is currently trending. Tell us about your sea-inspired jewels and how they came about.

After college, I spent some time on Catalina Island with friends who are marine biologists. I swam with leopard sharks, snorkeled through caves and kelp forests, and saw the magic of bioluminescence at night. The joy of exploring made a huge impression on me. Now, my husband is a biology professor so discussing flora and fauna is part of our daily lives. My first collection was inspired by local sea life: the red octopus, the gray whale, and the sea star. The Octopus Pendant originated from my search for an octopus necklace that had all eight arms and still looked as beautiful as the creature itself. This was my first design and it was featured in juried art shows in Monterey and Marin. From there, I designed the Coral Reef collection featuring a seahorse, turtle, and treasure-inspired coral medallion based on our diving adventures in Bonaire, Fiji, and the Cook Islands.


Could you discuss your personal connection to the ocean and the impact it has on your designs?

I have lived near the ocean for over thirty years and find that being near the water allows me to clear my mind and focus on the beauty that surrounds us. Whether you are whale watching or exploring the tide pools, there are always discoveries to be made. My collection is a celebration of our environment with the intention of making a personal connection with the natural world and the treasures it offers.


What is your custom jewelry process?

Custom jewelry starts with an idea. It could be modifying a design from the Rosey Skye collection, reimagining a family heirloom, upgrading a wedding ring set, or the need for a special gift. I schedule a consultation to discuss my clientsvision, budget, and delivery timetable. Through conversation, I strive to understand more about the client and their motivation for a custom piece. This allows me to tie in personalizations; design elements, engraving, or specific gems that are meaningful. Finding the perfect gem is like modern-day treasure hunting. I can source gems or they can be provided by the customer from an existing piece. Ill produce sketches and a CAD file to review the design so the client can approve it. Custom pieces generally take 6 – 8 weeks, so my recommendation is to always start your project well ahead of a holiday or special milestone. I hand-deliver the finished piece if customers are local, or Ill insure and ship for delivery to their door.


In your mind, who is your target audience, or ideal customer? Paint a picture.

Rosey Skye customers include anyone who values beautiful design and high-quality jewelry. They are thoughtful in how they express their style with well-made pieces and natural materials. My customers tend to appreciate good conversation, arts and culture, and exploring the world. They understand the importance of sustainable practices, social responsibility, and fair trade.

Which charms are your best sellers? Why do you feel people gravitate towards these?

My favorite part of in-person events is seeing the reaction of customers who express an affinity toward one piece or another. In terms of best sellers, I would say its a tie between the Sea Star and the Whale Tail. Both of these pieces really evoke lightness and happiness they are perfect conversation starters.


What was the inspiration behind the Garden collection?

Im a gardener and love fragrant and colorful roses. Sitting in the garden and observing all the little creatures that busily go about their day is very storybook for me. I feel inspired and calm in my garden. My intention is to offer collectible pieces that will remind my clients of the serenity of a garden as they move through their day.


We love the flower crown ring. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind it?

Growing up, I was one of four siblings and we spent a lot of time in the backyard playing and swimming in the pool. My mom always had flowers growing in garden beds and I liked to make little chains with their stems or magical potions with the seeds and leaves. In later years, I studied the royal treasury in London, the haute joaillerie in Paris, and the imperial collection in St. Petersburg. I started thinking, what if nature was considered royalty? What if garden fairies wore crowns? Thats how the flower crown ring came to be.


You also feature land animals in your jewelry, such as a bunny and a bird. What drew you to create them? Is there a personal story behind them?


These pieces remind us that nature is as close as our backyards and animals value our natural environment, too. Thats why the Bunny and Bird pendants have captured their own little diamonds. Bunnies are truly gentle souls and the birds sing their melodious songs to each other. Nature can soothe us when we observe and listen. I love that a little bird or bunny are also common terms of affection; it offers a deeper layer of meaning.


What are your personal and professional mantras?

Find your Rosey Skyeis my personal mantra. On difficult days, I try to find gratitude, progress, hope, and acts of kindnesswe can all find peace and love in our lives when we focus on it. For me, having a family and being able to put my creative vision into the world have been very important success factors. Life is about discovery. One of my favorite quotes is from Marco Polo, I have not told half of what I saw.We have so much growing and discovery to do about ourselves and the world. So, professionally, my mantra is to keep discovering, learning, and pushing past barriers like a slow-moving train.Finding the power in positivity is transformative.


With her daughters, and the earth as her inspirations, there is no shortage of fine jewelry available at Rosey Skye. Whether it be the land or the sea, customers can connect with nature through the collections available. To learn more about Rosey Skye and all of the collections available, visit www.roseyskye.com. Rosey Skye is also available on Instagram @roseyskyesf, on Facebook @roseyskye, and on Twitter @roseyskyesf.


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