Easy SEO for your Website

SEO is a long-term strategy that is essential for digital marketing. It helps businesses build credibility, improve visibility and increase outreach. Read along to find out more about SEO, and to learn some easy tips for using it to improve your business.


What Is SEO and Why Is It Important?

In simple terms, SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of improving website traffic. That is, increasing your website’s reach and visibility for relevant searches. SEO is an essential part of marketing; people conduct billions of searches daily and these searches are the primary source of digital traffic. Google uses an algorithm sequence to gather site content and figure out which websites are most relevant to the user, which means that there are many factors other than typing the URL that could bring searchers to your website.

Here are some SEO tips on how to rise up on research results:

Titles are one of the most important parts of a website’s content. Creating an irresistible headline will attract several more readers. The writers of BuzzFeed, for instance, plan about 20 different titles before picking the official one.

Let’s say you are writing a post about two jewelry brands; in this review, you are writing about a Cartier piece, as well as a Tiffany & Co. piece in your store.  An internal link would allow the reader to click the words “Tiffany & Co.” which would redirect them to the Tiffany & Co. piece, where they could shop it and view specs. Such tools are essential for keep readers engaged, and adding variety to the content your website provides.

Several platforms, including Google, provide free keyword planners. These programs allow you to find the most popular keywords in your niche, i.e. the ones that are common in the most searches. Using these keywords is essential to improving the reach of a website, as it makes your articles and posts appear in more searches.

Continuing on the topic of keywords, rising to the top of the search results will not be possible if your keywords are not related to the rest of your article. Although they might be commonly searched, adding words that do not add value to your article can end up hurting more than helping, as it will discredit your publications.

Securing a guest post on a creditable website can increase website traffic tremendously, as well as help establish a brand’s reputation.

Use Alt Text to describe your images, that way you can add other keywords to your articles. Keeping things to a small size can also be extremely beneficial, as it will help your website load much faster.

As previously mentioned in our article, “Using LinkedIn For Your Jewelry Business” posting on LinkedIn can be extremely helpful in boosting website visits. The platform has become much more than just a job search engine. There, one can post previews of articles that align with your brand, and keep your followers engaged, increasing website traffic by leading people there directly.

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