Using Instagram to Market Your Jewelry Business

Social media platforms are one of the biggest assets we have at our disposal, we just have to know how to use it correctly. This is our guide on how to use Instagram to your brand’s greatest advantage.


Create a Consistent Brand Identity

Creating an online identity that is recognizable is essential. Think about a real life relationship that makes you feel comfortable; you have a sense of familiarity with that person. You recognize what makes them special, and what is specifically “them.” Even when you are not physically with them, you see something that reminds you of them because it has become a part of their identity. With your brand, you need to make the customer become familiar with who you are. One way is to create consistency when you post on social media. This is not to say that you need to be repetitive or have a boring aesthetic on your page. Plan ahead! Pick a set of colors that you are going to be using throughout your posts, and create a design that is specific to your brand. This will create a brand identity that is recognizable and memorable. You will stick out as others become more and more familiar with you and your work.

Giving your Pieces Meaning

Let’s be real, no one wants to work with a “pushy” salesperson. The perception is that they are intimidating, as well as a nuisance. It can be easy for us to be perceived as a pushy salesperson. Remember, anyone can sell a piece of jewelry, but what you want to do is differentiate your piece from the masses. One of the most important things you can do is to tap into their pathos, and appeal to emotion to create a connection between customers and the piece you are trying to sell them. Get yourself in front of a camera and share the inspiration behind the design. Share what makes it special to you, and why it is one of your favorites. You will make yourself relatable and inevitably someone will relate to you, the story, and the jewelry. Giving your jewelry a story breathes life into it making it not only jewelry, but an accessory that will become a part of someone else’s story.

“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”
~Elizabeth Taylor


Bridge the gap between your business, screen time, and the people you are trying to reach. A lack of communication with your customer can poison your relationship with them. Reach out directly to your customers through DM, let them know that there is a person behind the screen, who is there to cater to their needs. The old phrase, “the customer is always right” often steers one well. Make sure your customer knows you are grateful for them, and that you are there to address any and all questions or concerns. You can also make sure to like and comment on their stories. By engaging with others, they’ll want to engage with you and your brand.


Use your stories to create less formal, more personal content to give deeper insight into who you are as a brand. Show your followers the “behind the scenes” process. Showing the love and care that goes into your jewelry can make a real difference for customers. It adds more intimacy to the business to consumer relationship. You can also feature videos talking about the history of the company, and talk about what makes your brand special and worthwhile. You can save these stories as highlights to your page to curate the story of who you are, as a brand. Make sure they match your brand colors and aesthetic, like any marketing materials.

Target Marketing

Make sure that you are selling to the right people. Targeted marketing is great because you directly target those who can relate to what you are selling. You can split up your target audiences into different categories depending on what type of jewelry you are selling. One way is to target ads by interest and geography. If you have a “Jersey Girl” necklaces, promote it to women who live  in New Jersey etc.

Now that you have the tools, go out and put them to good use. Let us know how these tips worked for you!

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