Planning A Press Preview

A press or media preview is an event staged by a brand or group of brands (or their agency) to showcase their products to the media.  The goal is to reach as many key influencers as possible, which includes the media, bloggers, and stylists. Products are highlighted in hopes of media coverage, product placements, and general exposure to consumers who may be influenced to purchase based on media recommendations.

Hosting a “press preview” is your opportunity to throw a “meet and greet” for your own business at a location or venue you select.  Whether you’re showing off your products, your service, or even yourself, you want to take advantage of this opportunity to get up close and personal with media targets in a venue and event totally controlled and designed by you. Businesses in all industries can hold a press preview.  

Here are some tips to have a successful press preview: 

Schedule ahead of time 

It is important to schedule your press preview appointments well ahead of time. This will allow plenty of preparation time and leave time between each individual appointment to get caught up with each editor one-on-one. 


Remind the editors that you are expecting to meet with them prior to the big day, and if they have assistants confirm with them as well! This could be done through a phone call, an email, or a calendar invite. 

Tools to have 

Make it fun and interactive! Make sure to have tools and essentials like business cards, media kits, line sheets, look books iPads with images, and so forth at the ready.  It’s okay to be overprepared. 

Decorate your space 

Set up the preview space to look unique, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing. Also, lay out the products in a way that they look good and are accessible to your visitors.  

Snacks and Beverages 

Offer bite-sized snacks and portable drinks to keep editors going – remember you’re most likely not the only press preview appointment they have that day. It’s also a good way to stand out by offering something fun and festive! 

Be prepared and make it newsworthy 

Media preview attendees will want to take photos, videos and talk to key people. Think about those things on the front end, and your event will go over smoothly.  

Also, send a news release with clear “need to know” information and lead with the important information – why should people care? 

Have a good spokesperson 

Have someone available who is energetic, knows their stuff, and can represent the company well. 

Thank you notes 

Always make sure to send thank you emails afterward that include relevant information and or/images that they were interested in.  Do this on the day you met them.  You can also stay connected over social media. 

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