Campbellian Collection: The Science of Color

Bella Campbell has dedicated herself to building a brand synonymous with color. Juxtaposing rare and unusual gemstones with statement pieces ready for the red carpet, her jewelry always has the “wow” factor. Here, she shares her inspiration, passion for art and science, and how all have combined in the artist’s journey. 

“Blush Leaves” by Campbellian Collection. 18K White Gold earrings with Bluish Zircons 19.00 CT’s TW, accented by Tsavorite 1.76 CT’s TW and 178 Diamonds.

In a few words, how would you describe yourself and your jewelry?

I am Bella Campbell, a jewelry designer/owner of an award-winning line of jewelry. The Campbellian Collection features one-of-a-kind jewelry made of 18K gold or platinum, using unique gems, into two or more color combinations, accented by diamonds. All of my jewelry is made in New York City.

Did your passion for jewelry design start when you were very young, or it is something that you developed later in life?

My love for gems and fine jewelry was always with me! As for the passion for designing, it started slowly, step by step. I started designing for myself, my sisters, and then friends. Seven years ago, I submitted my piece to the AGTA Spectrum Awards Competition, and I won it!!!!! That encouraged me to create my first collection.

You achieved a Master’s of Science in Physics, and also pursued a more creative education. Could you tell us about that journey?

Yes. While I was studying physics at university, I also was taking art classes, drawing, and painting in watercolors. My educational journey was multi-faceted; I got my associate’s degree in fashion merchandising and marketing from a private school in NYC, Toby Coburn School of Fashion Careers, and I took some art classes at the New School in NYC, as well as Gemology 1 and 2 at FIT.

“Moon in Pink” by Campbellian Collection. 18K White gold earrings Featuring Rainbow Moonstones 5.34 CT’s TW, Surrounded by Pink Sapphires 5.11 CT’s TW, accented by 88 Diamonds 1.40 CT’s TW.

Do you think that your diverse education in science, marketing, and design helped you run your business?

Yes, it gives me confidence in myself. I do believe that if you believe in yourself and if you love what you do, with hard work and persistence one can achieve success.

Many of your pieces are very vibrant and colorful. What inspires you to use vibrant gems and juxtapose unique stones?

I get my inspiration from nature’s beauty. I experiment with color and shape combinations; I look for new and fresh looks, and when I find one that I like, I put it in a box to look at for some time to make sure that is the “one.” Also, selection all depends on gemstones for the piece I am working on. In the end, they naturally find their place.

Is there a specific piece that is your favorite? Why?

Each and every piece of jewelry I create is special to me. As far as my favorite piece, it is usually the one that I am working on at the moment.

”Green Empress” by Campbellian Collection. 18K White Gold Earrings With Neon Blue/Green Tourmalines 3.52 CT’s TW, Accented by 20 Tsavorites 1.20 CT’s TW and 86 Diamonds .60 CT’s.

You mentioned your son inspires to “reach for the stars.” Can you tell us how your family drives you to create beautiful pieces? Also, your biography says you have 2 1/2 dogs, what does it mean?

My love for my son inspires me to better myself, just so he can be proud of me. My family usually is my biggest support and critic [which is what drives me to create beautiful pieces]. As far as the dogs, we have 2 pointers and my stepson’s Australian Sheepdog, who lives mostly with us, usually 6 months per year! We love all our dogs!

How would you recommend buyers wear your jewelry and do you have a specific aesthetic in your mind?

I wear my jewelry every day when I go out or even when I am at home! It cheers me up, as for the aesthetic—whatever makes you happy! Go for it, we only live once.

Are there any specific pieces, or collections, in your future that our readers need to be on the lookout for?

Yes! The gem I am most excited at this moment is Russian demantoid garnet; I am designing some pieces with this mysterious gem, combining it with other colors. It should be interesting.

To find out more about Bella and the Campbellian Collection, visit 

18K White Gold Earrings by Campbellian Collection. Featuring Marquise Shape centered Rainbow Moonstones 3.00 CT’s TW, surrounded by Denim Blue Sapphires .96 CT’s TE and Diamonds .60 CT’s T.W

Opal earrings by Campbellian Collection. 18 K Yellow Gold Earrings featuring Freeform Mexican Opal 9.00 CT’s TW, surrounded by Diamonds .50 CT’s TW, black rhodium plated.

18K White Gold Ring by Campbellian Collection. With Blue/Green Tourmaline
center 3.26 CT’s, surrounded by Periwinkle
(purple/pink) Sapphires 3.81 CT’s TW and accented by Diamonds.

18 K White Gold Earrings with Pink Malaya Garnet by Campbellian Collection. Centers 12.71 CT’s, accented by Burmese Rubies 1.37 CT’s TW and Diamonds .35 CT’s.


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