Building a Virtual Connection with Customers

Making a connection with customers is a key aspect to maintaining their loyalty. However, in Covid-19 times, that’s gotten just a little more difficult. With fewer people going to brick-and-mortar to shop, and more businesses completely online, building a virtual connection with customers is essential.

The Right Website

Your online presence says a lot about you and your business. It’s important to have an easy-to-use website, especially if your business is completely online. On your website, keep the pictures of your products cohesive by making sure the jewelry is the focus of the photo. Stick to a simple background. By not overwhelming for your customer, they’ll be more likely to browse. However, selling product isn’t the only reason you need a great website.

Your website is a good resource for customers to learn more about you and the business. On the “About” page, share your business’s culture and company values.  You could also include a few pictures of yourself to let your customers see who they are buying from, and make the website more personal. It is also important to have easily accessible contact information and social media handles on your website for customers to quickly get in touch with you.

Social Media

Similar to your website, you want your social media accounts to have a clean look that represents the aesthetic of your business. It is important to know your demographic, to connect to your customers using their preferred social media platform. On any type of social media platform, it is important to keep an active account. By having an active account, you are engaging more frequently with customers, and being active reflects on your perceived effectiveness of shipping and responding to customers. To stay active and keep your followers engaged, a fun thing to do is to start a hashtag for your followers to use.

A useful tool many social platforms have is stories. Stories are visible for a shorter period of time; however, you can post polls or ask questions such as, “What jewelry pieces do you want to see from us next?” and allow viewers to answer directly through the story. This makes your account interactive, while as a brand, you also learn more about what your customers want, and how many are actively engaging with your company. Stories are a great way to stay connected to customers virtually.

Promotional Emails

When sending out emails to customers who have signed up to receive them, rather than sending one mass generic email, try to address the customer by his or her name, to make it feel more personal. A customer is more likely to open and read an email addressed to them, rather than an email that was clearly sent to every customer. You can continue to build a connection through email by sending a birthday email with a promotional code personalized for them, as well as highlighting jewelry for their birth month, if available.

Finding little ways to make emails feel personal will help with fostering a long-term customer connection. Your emails should be an enjoyable, friendly interaction.

Shipping and Packaging

Even after a customer has decided to purchase from you, it is crucial to continue building a connection with that customer. Before they receive their package, make sure you offer a shipment tracking method, and have a responsive customer service team. This will ensure that the customer is aware that they are still valued and important. To avoid any shipping issues that may upset the customer and reflect badly on your business, find a trusted and efficient carrier.

Once a customer has received their package, you can still build a connection by including a thank you note for shopping with your business, as well as include clean, protective packaging. If you want to add a little more, you can include a sticker of your logo with each purchase, for that extra special touch. The connection you make with your customers should be throughful and consistent. It is all in the details!

Without face-to-face interaction, building a connection can be a little more challenging, but with a bit of creativity and a lot of passion, any customer will value a connection to you and your business.  

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