Business Flight Tips

Going to the airport for any reason can be stressful… now add work to that. That said, there are ways to help make your trip smooth. Here are some tips for the airport, on the plane, and upon arrival for those always important business flights.

For the Airport

To ensure having a successful business trip, make sure you have everything you need. Make sure to load important contact information, including addresses, into your phone for easy access, along with the essential long-lasting portable charger. We all know the struggle of finding an outlet in a crowded airport. Depending on the purpose of your business trip, you may be giving a presentation or going to a meeting. You’ll want to get to the airport early to ensure you won’t be rushing or worrying about missing your flight. Since you’ll be there early, you should have some time to kill, and can begin preparing and practicing your presentation, or answering emails and calls before boarding. One can never review too much before a presentation. Why sit stressing over work, when you can refocus on being fully prepared? Use your terminal time to prep and relieve any anxious nerves.

Also, since airports can be a bit uncomfortable, dress in a comfortable outfit that is still stylish and put together. You never know who you could run into…maybe your next client. You don’t need to dress to the nines, but definitely  don’t show up to a flight in sweat pants or pajamas. The most important thing is to be sure you’re prepared, to make the airport as stress-free as possible.

On the Plane

In the air, it can be a little more difficult to work on your laptop or phone, as you can’t guarantee Wi-Fi or internet service in the air. That’s no problem, a little break from work is still okay, even on a business trip. Make sure you download a show or a podcast, to listen and relax to on the flight.

For some, flying can be more nerve-racking than the actual meetings or presentations. Pack a stress ball, or something to fidget within your bag to stay calm. In the bag, you should also have easy access to  your portable charger, something warms to throw over if it gets chilly in the cabin, noise-cancelling headphones, and maybe a notebook if you want to keep prepping.

Upon Arrival

Your flight has landed, and it is time to get to your hotel. Book the hotel room the night before your arrival, so there is no check-in time to worry about the day you get there, and the room will be all ready for you. Coordinate a taxi or Uber to get you to the hotel, so you can relax and grab a bite to eat.

After a flight, it’s important to get some rest and re-charge. Being prepared for work isn’t all about the work itself; you need to ensure you are still taking care of your mind and body. Stay organized while you unpack, and make sure you have everything you need. Utilize the closet and drawers in the hotel. If you suddenly realize that you forgot something, you’ll have time to think things through and develop a solution. If you couldn’t help yourself and kept working during the flight, go to your room and take a quick nap to unwind after unpacking, you deserve it. In the evening, try and get a full 8 hours of sleep so you are well rested for the big day.

The morning of your meeting or presentation should be a breeze because of all your prep; you are a pro! To get an extra burst of energy, hit that hotel gym before starting the day. On  business trips, the best thing you can do throughout the trip is stay organized, prepared and calm. Know there is a solution to every problem, and if complications arise, you will be mentally prepared to overcome them

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