Etre Valani Brings Wintry Blue Elegance to the Holiday Season

Highlighting icy geometry and winter colors, Etre Valani’s modern fine jewelry introduces provocative luxury this winter.

Arris Sapphire Long Earrings by Etre Valani

Winter is graceful yet piercing, a landscape of perfect white and icy blue. For the upcoming holiday season, Etre Valani captures the powerful yet elegant winter aesthetic with their new Rive and Arris sapphire jewelry styles. Geometric shapes and exquisite white 18K gold by Valani is the perfect balance for fur coats and champagne nights.

The Arris collection features pear-shaped sapphires, brilliantly arranged with geometric 18K white gold, and diamond accents. The Arris Sapphire Long Earrings are reminiscent of icicles– beautiful ice daggers hanging off trees, maintaining sculptural elegance, and functioning as an eye-catching statement piece. For a subtler look, the Arris Sapphire Drop Earrings are also icicle-like in structure, yet smaller to complement other jewels—creating the perfect ear stack. The collection also features the Arris Sapphire Necklace; its deep blue brilliant sapphire reflects an alluring light, irresistibly drawing attention to the neck and collarbone. It can be worn alone, or layered with other necklaces. Alternatively, the Arris Sapphire Cuff is delicate in nature. For a graceful addition to your everyday look, the cuff adds just enough color for the beautiful monochromatic season, with its elegant pear cut sapphire.

Rive Sapphire Cuff by Etre Valani

Heena Shah, Creative Director of Etre Valani, says “Sapphires in sophisticated silhouettes embrace individuality. Besides being the most coveted gemstone constantly requested by retailers and consumers, Valani’s sapphire jewels are a timeless celebration and a holiday classic.”

Shah’s Rive collection is more intricate. Though delicate, it features details surrounding the round cut sapphires—a dance between 18K white gold and luxurious diamonds. Like the clear winter sky, her Rive Sapphire Earrings magnificently shines like starlight, and complementing the wearer. The Rive addition adds grandeur to everyday looks. Whether going to work, happy hour, or a holiday party, the Rive provides effortless, modern style. The Rive Sapphire Cuff, a perfect holiday gift, is delicate, intricate, and versatile. Its round sapphires are framed by right angles, 18K white gold, and meticulously placed diamonds. Worn by itself or layered, Rive sapphire collections capture the elegance of winter. Just as one experiences the calm of a snowfall, Etre Valani collections add an effortless sophistication to any winter look.

For more information about Etre Valani sapphire jewelry, visit, call 212-702-9703, or contact Valani through their contact page.

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