Exquisite Bespoke Ruby Jewelry Debuts by Valani Atelier

Denise Ruby Pendant.  2.34 cts. rubies, 2.56 cts. diamonds, set in 18K white gold

Renowned internationally for exceptional colored-gemstone sourcing, Valani Atelier brings bold ruby styles to the table for fearless women.

Provocative and bold, ruby has captivated its wearers and admirers for centuries. Encompassing a brilliant red color, ruby is second only to diamond in hardness amongst natural gemstones, marking exceptional durability alongside its beauty. Valani Atelier specializes in bespoke colored gemstone fine jewelry, with ruby being central to its designer collections. This summer, the company is presenting ten new, one-of-a-kind ruby selects in its studio: including bracelets, rings, and pendants.

Heena Shah, Valani Atelier’s Creative Director says, “Rare rubies in strong silhouettes embrace individuality. Ruby jewels are best suited for the fearless spirit. It is in step with the times, but there is nothing routine about it. I consider them to be the ultimate statement.”

When sourcing individual stones, only vibrant, beautifully cut crimson specimens will do. The Valani family checks each gem carefully, ensuring the color and transparency are outstanding. The company’s rubies are sourced from the Montepuez mine in Mozambique, Zahamena National Park mining sites in Madagascar, and the Palin and Mogok mines in Myanmar. The latter produces the dazzling reds seen on much of Valani Atelier’s red-carpet jewelry.

Rival Ruby and Diamond Ring. 0.88 cts. rubies, 0.26 cts. VS diamonds, set in 18K white gold

For a statement piece that accentuates the wrist, four selects bring timeless style to any event: the Sedona, Boivin, Bancroft, and Arduin Ruby Bracelets. The show-stopping Sedona brings 20.41 cts. of emerald-cut ruby elegance. Rubies are interspersed with diamond accents in corners and as halos, leaving the fiery reds to command all attention. The Boivin Ruby Bracelet is a classic, elevating the halo by varying diamond marquises with two sizes of diamond rounds, for an unexpected timeless look.  The Bancroft surprises with round and pear diamond drops in between large ruby cushion-cuts, playing with texture and color. The Arduin offers a thick splash of pear-shaped red luxury to drape across the wrist, with edgy, color blocked diamonds across the space.

Rising from the ashes is the ever-emboldened Phoenix; Shah has created the ultimate homage to the mythical creature with her Phoenix Ruby earrings, reminiscent of both feathers and fire. For a subtler, but no less stunning pair of ruby earrings, the Vier Ruby Ear Clips offer understated luxury in yellow gold, ruby, and diamond.

The perfect gift to show love for one’s self—celebrate an accomplishment or a milestone with a Valani Atelier ruby ring. The Rival Ruby and Diamond Ring is sexy and discreet, adding the perfect pop of color to accent one’s red lipstick and pumps. For a bold look, the Vier ruby ring makes a statement at any cocktail party.

Alternatively, show love to someone else with a pendant necklace to accentuate the collarbone, elongate the neck, and add a seductive accessory to a night out. Modern and festive, the Denise Ruby pendant is stylish and bold, for the colored-gemstone loving fashionista in the room. Vintage-inspired, the Kira Ruby Pendant has a regal air, with a large pear-shaped crimson drop accented by fellow crimson rounds, and ease-west oriented marquise diamonds, as well as a dramatic marquise diamond drop…perfect for a queen.

For more information about Valani Atelier, visit valaniatelier.com, call 212-702-9703, or contact Valani Atelier through their contact page.

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