Four Details To Add To Your Next Party

Throwing a great party is no easy feat. It is, however, always worth it. When thinking of putting together a party, we often think of the decor ideas: cake, tables, chairs, balloons, and maybe a few other decorations. The magic however, is in the details. Bring everything together to make an event people won’t be able to stop talking about. Here are some of our favorite tips for small details that will make a big impact at your party.


Using your logo, create personalized products to display around the venue to have for your guests. You can use this technique on water bottles, by creating special labels, order M&M’s with your corporate logo, or you can brand goody bags and cups. If you prefer not to do labels, you can take tags either with your printed label or a handwritten name (or use calligraphy!) to tie onto things like centerpieces and gift bags. Sprinkling your logo all around shows careful thought and care. It also gives them something they can take home to remember your company by.


Group Activities

At bigger events, it can sometimes be difficult for people to connect and network with one another. Providing some games for your guests can help everyone feel more relaxed, friendly and let everyone get to know one another. You can try bingo, a card game, or give out locks and keys (where people need to find their “match”). If you wanted to take it a step further, you could also provide a section for karaoke, charades or even a scavenger hunt.  Whichever game(s) you choose, it will be sure to get people talking and will creating a comfortable environment.


Create a Color Palette

Using a color palette creates a cohesive look at a party. If your color palette is pink, use pink straws, and create a special drink that is colored pink (think blushing kiss martini); you could also do a pink flower installation. There are so many ways to incorporate color into your party that won’t look tacky. Using a color palette  gives your party an identity–a personality!


Have an Outside-the-Box Element

Create some sort of “wow” factor at your party– something that will have people look and say “wow! Thats different!” It does not have to be extravagant, just something that nobody was expecting to see. You can have a jazz band, or maybe the latest hot dessert that people have been dying to get their hands on, or provide fun props for people to take silly pictures. Setting up a table with curated desserts will be a hit every time, or replace the desserts and do a candy bar instead.


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