Geoffrey Good Launches the Galaxy Collection

Craftsman and Designer, Geoffrey Good, creates Galaxy, a new collection celebrating the dynamism of all that surrounds our world. 

When something is described as “out of this world,” it is defined as being: ethereal, otherworldly, alien, extremely good, heavenly, or impressive. It implies a vastness that is incomprehensible yet maintains beauty and goodness. The origin is a homage to the universe, filled with galaxies, stars, stellar remnants, contrast, and mystery. The wonder and awe of what is outside of this world is the inspiration for Geoffrey Good’s newest collection, Galaxy. 

“We tend to think of the heavens as fixed above us, but (like us) the sky is always changing, and celestial bodies are always in motion. I wanted to capture that feel of sparkling stars and fleeting comets using the finest natural diamonds, in a collection that would be timeless and minimalist but undeniably luxe,“ says Geoffrey Good. 

In his Galaxy Collection, the brightness of a comet’s nucleus and coma are represented by a single, sparkling diamond. Blinding in its beauty through the sky, Good sought to recreate a comet’s wonder on a wearable scale, with the Galaxy comet earrings. Elegantly finished on both sides, the 18K gold earrings feature a trail of glittering diamonds through the drop, encircling an oval cut diamond, while the back echoes the detailed oval halo; Good is an artist of meticulous detail.

Geoffrey Good’s Ménage à Trois and Toi et Moi rings are also reminiscent of comets, with the diamond nucleus followed by golden dust tail, wrapped around one’s finger. Formed over billions of years on earth, diamond is present throughout the galaxy in surprising ways— there is a diamond planet, and diamond rain. Like the galaxy, universe, and its diamonds, these rings are a symbol of longevity and strength that knows no bounds. “Whether worn to symbolize a union with others or as a talisman of one’s own evolving energy, the Galaxy rings evoke a language of commitment that is unusual and refined. Unusually fine, one might say, says” Geoffrey Good. 

The constellations contain stars easy to see in the sky, so those viewed from Earth are within the Milky Way galaxy. The Galaxy Diamond Cuff Bracelet connects 18K gold with diamonds, not unlike the imaginary lines between the beloved constellations of human ingenuity. Galaxy stacking rings echo the cuff’s curves and can be worn solo, or in a statement stack. To complement, either the Galaxy Hoop earrings or the Galaxy Chandelier earrings offer a sweeping elegance to the ears— impeccable style from day to night. Geoffrey Good states, “Jewelry has to work on the wearer, meaning it has to be functional and make you feel good. All of the Galaxy pieces put comfort and wearability first. They’ll play well with your existing jewelry, but these are the pieces you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again.”

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About Geoffrey Good

Geoffrey’s eclectic aesthetic fuses rebellious creativity with unparalleled craftsmanship; discovery is balanced by respect for the past and the legacy of his classical training. Dedicating years on Madison Avenue to refine his skills, Geoffrey Good created jewelry for celebrated firms and institutions, before founding his own workshop. The atelier develops commissions for award shows, collaborates with fashion designers, partners on one-of-a-kind private clients, and has signature collections featured nationally in select retailers. Geoffrey Good’s vibrant flagship is located downtown, in the art scene destination of Hudson, New York.

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