Levy’s Fine Jewelry Chronicles the History of Diamond Cutting

Discover the rich legacy of diamonds with Levy’s, Alabama’s most trusted family-owned jewelry store, as they unearth the legacy of diamond cutting for all.

 Levy’s Fine Jewelry, Alabama’s destination for estate and one-of-a-kind custom jewelry, announces the launch of a new education segment on its website featuring “The History of Diamond Cutting.” Presented in four exploratory sections, it delves into the evolution of diamond cuts, showcasing innovations that shaped the industry. Featuring custom gouache diamond designs by multidisciplinary artist, Salma ElAnsary, the store collaborated to commission illustrations that are as exquisite as the cuts they portray.

“Telling the story of diamond cutting in a digestible, chronological way is something we have always wanted to do at Levy’s. Developing ‘The History of Diamond Cutting’ was about more than simply describing a cut and memorizing names or dates. The goal was to make diamonds engaging—to follow their story,” says Joseph Denaburg, Marketing Director and Digital Strategist for Levy’s Fine Jewelry. “The goal was to create the best history of diamond cutting that exists anywhere, for every notable diamond cut throughout ancient and modern times.”   

The custom diamond designs by multidisciplinary artist Salma ElAnsary are a beautiful addition to Levy’s website. Each intricately crafted illustration captures the essence of various diamond cuts, bringing them to life with gouache and meticulous detail. From the classic brilliance of the round cut to the elegant lines of the emerald cut, ElAnsary’s artwork skillfully illustrates the unique characteristics of each diamond shape, sparkling from each page. The designs not only enhance the educational experience, but serve as visual delights, enticing online visitors to explore with fascination and appreciation.

The first section, “The Evolution from the Point Cut to the Round Brilliant,” traces the fascinating journey of diamond cutting from its earliest origins, as a point and table cut, to the creation of the iconic round brilliant cut. The diamond’s natural octahedral shape, resembling two pyramids base to base, served as the foundational blueprint for future cuts and inspiration. Investigating the earliest evidence of diamond use in jewels, the evolution of polishing and bruting, and the journey of modifying cutting to bring out the fire and brilliance of diamond, Levy’s explores: how practical needs evolved design, interesting trade myths, historical sources, and documented references for the stories behind the lapidaries. 

The “Assorted Antique Diamond Cuts” section celebrates the timeless allure of vintage and antique diamond cuts, each with its own unique charm and character. From the noble elegance of the Mughal cut to the geometric precision of the Carré cuts, it showcases the craftsmanship and enduring beauty of antique diamond cuts. In addition, rare cuts are in the spotlight, including the Hogback, Pendeloque, Mirror, Polki, Single cut, and French cut diamonds—a delight for connoisseurs in training. Moving into the modern era, “Modern Brilliant Cuts” explores the innovative designs and cutting-edge techniques that revolutionized diamond cutting in the contemporary jewelry landscape. With a catalog of famous cushion cuts, to the story behind famous diamonds, anecdotes engage readers with thought-provoking history. The fire and brilliant advantage of princess cuts and the uniqueness of the radiant cut are cited, highlighting the creativity behind modern diamonds.

Finally, “Step Cuts” offers a closer look at the sophisticated elegance of the many step-cut diamonds, characterized by clean lines and understated glamour. Particularly alluring for colorless diamonds with little to no inclusions, their geometric simplicity offers timeless appeal.  From the story behind the emerald cut to the timeless beauty of baguette, cadillac, and bullet accent stones, the section celebrates the enduring appeal of step-cuts in jewelry. With “The History of Diamond Cutting,” Levy’s Fine Jewelry invites enthusiasts, collectors, and the trade to embark on a captivating journey. Diamond origins in early human civilizations are explored, as well as the development of lapidary techniques— processes such as flaking, drilling, bruting, and smoothing, which paved the way for shaping. 

“Joseph Denaburg’s ‘History of Diamond Cutting’ is a testament to the intricate art of diamond shaping, tracing the evolution from rudimentary cuts to the dazzling designs we see today. His work offers a treasure trove of historical insights, revealing how each cut not only reflects the technological advancements of its time but also the cultural and aesthetic preferences that shaped them. The vivid illustrations bring to life the beauty and precision of diamonds cuts, serving as a source of inspiration for jewelry designers and diamantaires alike,” says Jared Nadler, President, Levy’s Fine Jewelry. “This comprehensive guide is not just an education resource; it is a celebration of the enduring legacy of diamond cutting, inviting us to appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship that turns rough stones into sparkling symbols of elegance. For professionals and enthusiasts in the field of gemology, it has the potential to navigate future trends through the analysis of historical trends.”

Whether exploring the evolution of classic cuts or discovering the allure of modern designs, Levy’s Fine Jewelry inspires a deeper appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship that define each exquisite diamond creation. To learn more about Levy’s Fine Jewelry, visit https://levysfinejewelry.com/, email Info@LevysFineJewelry.com or call 205-251-3381. 

About Levy’s Fine Jewelry

A fourth-generation family business, Levy’s Fine Jewelry is a testament to over a century of artistry, service, and community engagement in Birmingham, Alabama. Established in 1922 by Joe Denaburg and Ethel Levy, the company began as a pawn shop in Alabama, and is internationally renowned for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. 

Today, Levy’s Fine Jewelry curates a diverse collection of antique, estate, and vintage jewels spanning from Georgian through Modernist periods. Sourcing exquisite jewels and watches from around the world, the atelier ensures each item in its collection has a unique story to tell. Through customization, the store offers jewelry design services for personalized engagement rings, wedding bands, and milestone gifts. For those walking through the door, “It’s like having a relative in the jewelry business.”

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