Moritz Glik : The Kaleidoscope Shaker

Each handcrafted piece designed by Moritz Glik unites traditional techniques with avant-garde sensibility. Using sapphire windowpanes to bring the aesthetic of a kaleidoscope into wearable jewels, his stunning designs are simultaneously playful and fresh. Read our exclusive interview and explore Moritz Glik’s pioneering design journey.

Your creative journey started early in Brazil, a country known for its beauty. Can you tell us about this beginning and how this origin may have impacted your designs?

I studied advertising and marketing in college, but was always very interested in handcrafting. My mom was a gown designer for a while, and I grew up watching her sew those beautiful dresses. I learned how to operate the sewing machine in my early teenage years and while still in college I started sewing sandals for myself and my friends. It suddenly became an actual business, people from all around campus would look for me to order my sandals. Before I graduated, I was already running my own shoe factory. I don’t know if that comes from all the challenges that most Brazilian people endure in their lives, but creativity is part of our culture. You see that in music, architecture, arts, soccer even. We learn to find ways and solutions for everything.

You mention that you are deeply inspired by architecture and fine art. Can you give an example of how that has influenced a specific jewel?

It’s a very organic process, I believe. Everything I see and admire feeds my creativity. When I’m designing a new collection, these references will naturally manifest in my choices. I did, however, design a capsule collection based on Mondrian’s work several years ago.

Explain to us the importance of singularity in each of your designs. Why do you feel it is essential to acquire jewelry that presents such characteristics?

Everyone wants to be special in some way, right? Or to experience something special. Jewelry is an expensive experience and I believe it must deliver a unique feeling to its holder.

What is it about handcrafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry that draws you? What inspired you to follow this model for your brand, as opposed to mass manufacturing?

It’s a matter of balance. I want my jewelry to be out there, to be worn, to be seen, to be played with. But at the same time, this is not a fast-fashion business. I want my jewelry to be a token, to be meaningful for every owner. I want them to know that there are hours of work by real people, artisans, behind that token. And it’s also about quality. I’m a perfectionist. I want to touch and inspect every piece that leaves my workshop. That’s why I still sign by hand every single one of them.

The Kaleidoscope Shaker is your signature design. Can you tell us the story behind the inspiration and production of the piece?

I’m always surrounded by lucite boxes of loose gemstones. I used to work from home and was always moving the boxes from the safe to my bench back and forth. One day, watching the stones sliding inside the transparent boxes, a stroke of inspiration hit.

You work with a variety of different precious stones and materials. Do you have any preference for materials, or stones, and why?

I love rose gold. It just feels right to me. Rose gold and diamonds are my favorite combination.

Your designs are mesmerizing. Do you have a favorite or most sentimental piece you have created over the years? Can you share the story behind it with us?

One of my favorite pieces of all time was a necklace inspired by an antique mirror that used to hang in my mother’s dining room. The inspiration came to me during one of my visits to Brazil. It’s curious because I grew up seeing that mirror every day and never really noticed it so much. But during that visit, it looked different; it called for my attention. The necklace ended up being awarded the Couture Design Award in Las Vegas.

You have a degree in Marketing and Advertising, having started your career path in fashion within a shoe design factory. What is one lesson you learned during that time of your life that you continue to use today?

Always follow your instincts. Read the context and act. That’s not the only path to success, of course. But it’s been fundamental throughout my professional life.

Many celebrities have worn your pieces, such as Taylor Swift, Adriana Lima, Justin Bieber, and Michelle Obama. Who would you love to see wear one of your jewels next? Is there a defining characteristic of the kind of person that is drawn to your brand identity? 

I’m a big fan of Charlize Theron. Not just for her undisputed talent and astonishing beauty, but also for all the humanitarian battles she fights for. Having former first lady, Michelle Obama wearing my designs was also a personal highlight.

I’m not sure if there’s a specific kind of person who feels particularly attracted to my work. My jewelry is very playful and very easy to wear. We have clients of all ages and backgrounds: hard-working moms, boss ladies, heirs, and real princesses. I like to think it fits anyone really.

If you could describe your brand to a person unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe it?

That’s a very difficult question. I can easily explain the concept, it’s literally a diamond shaker after all. But that wouldn’t really explain what we do. Our jewelry needs to be felt and played with to be really understood.

What is your personal and professional motto?

Never stop pushing.

Moritz Glik shares his passion for innovation and creativity with every piece, empowering the wearer with beautiful jewels that come to life with movement.

To keep up with Moritz Glik’s design journey and collections, visit https://moritzglik.com/ and follow @moritzglik on Instagram.

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