Mother’s Day Capsule Collection by Cecile Raley Designs

Yvonne Raley mixes and matches gemstones, developing unique pieces of fine jewelry, just in time for mom.

Regina Ring by Cecile Raley Designs
Burmese Asscher-cut spinel, lavender and pink sapphires, set in 14K white gold

The coronavirus pandemic has altered the way we shop for Mother’s Day, and every day. Selfless and loving, mothers across the states are putting themselves on the front lines, as nurses, doctors, and emergency management workers. Moms are working at stores, and caring for loved ones at home who are sick, or social distancing. Others are homeschooling, and/or trying to work from home, while helping their families. What better time to say thank you, and show mom a token of appreciation, than with a meaningful, responsibly sourced piece? Today, Cecile Raley Designs releases new ready-to-ship pieces, which will arrive before May 10th to any U.S. home. Gemstones can be altered, and the designer is also working to create one-of-a-kind orders, supporting small businesses throughout NYC and New Jersey during the COVID-19 pandemic. An ethics professor turned jewelry designer, AGTA member Yvonne Raley both collaborates with retailers, and sells online through her top-ranking Etsy shop. Her new Mother’s Day capsule collection is inspired by the designer’s bestselling rings and pendants.

Dr. Yvonne Raley says, “I think there’s rarely been a time in which moms have needed our support as much as this year.  Those moms working the front lines take risks for themselves and their families; those staying at home have to provide the strength to keep on, while helping educate their children. Mindful of an uncertain future, we at Cecile Raley Designs want to bring a little bit of spring, with bright colors, celebrating the light in you.”

Isabella Pendant by Cecile Raley Designs
Cambodian zircon and Merelani mint garnet, set in 14K yellow gold

Those in the gem and jewelry trade have been particularly hard hit, with many diamond district buildings closed off due to non-essential business mandates. For setters and engravers that have a bench setup at home, Yvonne collaborates on custom pieces, supporting local businesses with much needed sales to help support their families and operations. Exceptional craftsmanship and an eye for color and exotic gemstones are the company’s signatures, which have inspired a dedicated Etsy following. Raley says, “Working from our respective homes, we have put together some pieces that let you celebrate mom. Our setter works at his bench at night, so his wife can go to work in her medical profession during the day, while he watches their newborn. Our part time CAD designer, freshly unemployed, has stepped up to make additional designs from her house, so you can commission new pieces. My assistant, who is educating her 8-year-old with the help of online learning platforms, helped make these pieces, and many more available to you, while we ship out gems and jewelry every day. We are all in this together. Let us support each other.”

The Mother’s Day capsule collection features a selection of vibrant cocktail rings. Pretty in pink, the Clarisse ring features exotic Burmese spinels and diamonds, set in 14K white gold. For a subtler pink look, the Stella pendant’s Mahenge pink and Burmese grey spinel are set in 14K white gold, elegant for every day.

For springtime color-blocking, the new Lily ring mixes a variety of vibrant colors and gems—Paraiba tourmaline, hauyne, and pink sapphires. Yet for those who prefer strong angles with their color-blocking, the Regina ring is fit for a queen, set with a Burmese Asscher-cut spinel, lavender and pink sapphires; both rings are set in 14K white gold.

Clarisse Ring by Cecile Raley Designs
Burmese spinel and diamonds, set in 14K white gold

The Cecile Raley Designs Isabella pendant features Cambodian zircon and Merelani mint garnet, set in 14K scalloped yellow gold. The Isabella ring can be worn with the pendant, as a set, or solo as a statement ring, with its Namibian tourmaline and color change Tanzanian garnets, set in 14K white gold.

Color blocking unexpected rare gemstone combinations, the collections are a homage to motherhood, spring, and the deco-inspired beauty of New York City, its buildings, and parks. Like the city it represents—a melting pot of the world—each jewel brings colored gems from across the globe together as wearable, decorative masterpieces.

For those that have an idea brewing of what they would like created, Yvonne also offers personal consultations, where customers can choose from a selection of colored gems to create a personalized gift. Contact Yvonne, or view her Etsy store here, for an inventory of loose colored stones for custom orders.

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