Nada Basta Designs: Beauty in Nature

Every design by Nada Basta Designs captures the essence of nature, with captivating appeal. Creating jewelry that excites the wearer, we invite you to read our exclusive interview, delving into the meaningful and journey of Nada Basta Designs. 

How did you decide to become a jewelry designer? Can you tell us about your journey?

My passion for jewelry started as a hobby, as during my economics studies at the University, I was making beading accessories, as I love all kinds of handmade crafts. After my studies, I found out that economics is not the field that I wanted to be in. I hate routine, so I was thinking to turn my hobby into a professional career. I attended a one-year diploma at the jewelry technology center (JTC) in Egypt, where I learned design, making, wax carving & stone setting. Then I went to Florence in Italy to attend a jewelry design summer course. During this period, I launched my own line of gold-plated jewelry. I was doing all the pieces by myself, from designing to making. Then in 2015 I decided that I need to focus on one process, in which I should excel, so I picked design, as I love drawing, sketching, rendering. I love it with all its process. I entered the International Art & Design competition in Florence by Accademia Riaci in 2016, and I won third place and a course. I went to Florence again to attend the course, then I won again in this competition in 2017/18/19 & 21. I got a highly commended award from F.Hinds London in 2017 for a collection. In 2018 I won a scholarship from the GIA, and I attended the course in November 2019 (applied jewelry professional) on their campus in Dubai. In 2020 my bangle (the magic of waves) was among the designs that were published to the public by Bijorhca Paris. Since then I’ve been working as a freelance designer for clients from Dubai, America, India, France & many countries all over the world.

What was the first piece of jewelry you created?

 My first piece I created was during my course, when I was learning during the course, but my 1st piece of design that I consider my lucky piece & my babe is the necklace that I created that won 3rd place in the competition in 2016.

You have mentioned nature inspires your designs; can you explain your design process? Are there any favorite memorable collections of yours inspired by nature? Tell us about them.

Nature is the most inspiring thing for all designers I think, it is beautiful and unlimited. I can get inspired by its colors, creatures, shapes, textures, and phenomena. I could turn anything around into a piece of jewelry & then create a collection.

I used nature a lot in my designs, I’ve created birds broaches leaves earrings, and flower collections. I also have a collection inspired by the beautiful nature in Sinai in Egypt & some pieces were inspired by seas & oceans.

Can you explain the creative process of developing the “My Wonderland” necklace?

While thinking of this necklace, I was thinking to create a fantasy collection, so I kept thinking about children’s stories then I decided to pick Alice in wonderland to combine my passion with a collection as jewelry designing is my wonderland. As for me, my papers & my brushes are my wonderland, my place where I can find my peace. I picked the wonderland because it’s full of colors, and positive vibes. You could see the flowers, butterflies, and mushrooms as you can smell the beauty of nature while looking at it, this necklace is really one of my favorite pieces.

You have very intricate designs. We noticed in some pieces you have mastered the very difficult invisible setting. What drew you to use this?

Frankly speaking, while working on my designs, I picked the settings that go better with my pieces from my own vision. Sometimes I try to keep the piece simple with basic settings, especially if I am working on a fine jewelry collection, but while working on a high jewelry collection, I prefer to make it look different & bold.

Do you have a preferred method for developing your ideas, and why?

No, it all depends on my mood and the circumstances while working on a piece or a collection. Most of the time I need to collect information, create a mood board, and write notes, especially if I am working on new themes or ideas, but sometimes suddenly I get an idea, so I make a quick sketch before forgetting it, as sometimes I get ideas before sleeping while talking to someone or watching anything, plus each piece or collection has its own type of inspiration.

Who has been the most important role model in your professional life, and what is a piece of advice from them that has helped you?

I don’t have a role model in my professional life that I know on a personal level, but I am inspired by Zaha Hadid’s journey. Since I started this career I’ve learned from each tutor during my courses, & each person I met I learned something different in matters of techniques, inspiration, working & thinking, that helped me during my journey.

On your Instagram, you render many of your designs in gouache. Do you paint every piece before creating it, or do you gouache the final product only, and why? 

I only render the final product with gouache, because I create a lot of pieces. I only make the rendering for the pieces I like the most. While working on any design, I start with a pencil sketch, and I try to imagine the colors of the metal & the gemstones. Most of the time my vision pleases me, but sometimes when I’m not sure about them, I make a quick rendering with colored pencils or markers then I go with the gouache & the watercolor.

Do you create one-of-a-kind jewels only, or do you have plans for developing a collection?

I do both, sometimes I work on a whole collection & sometimes I do statement pieces; for those it is better to keep special.

How do you describe your aesthetic, in your own words?

It’s a little bit hard to describe your own work, as I think others could describe you better, but if I should answer, I would say, it’s bold & different.

Do you prefer to design suites? What gemstones do you prefer working with?

Yes, I do, but sometimes I would like to work differently for a change. For example, I can pick a shape, a gemstone, or anything to create a collection that could be wearable together, but not a suite. My favourite gemstone is the green emerald. It’s number one for me, then the blue sapphire, & of course the diamonds.

What is your mantra, personally and professionally?

Professionally, my fav one is “If you can dream it, you can do it,” by Walt Disney. 

Personally, believe in your journey. 

Nada Basta Designs draws on the intricacies of her surroundings to develop designs that exemplify the vast beauty of our world, while also empowering the wearer. To stay up to date with Nada Basta Designs, you can follow her on Instagram, at @nada_basta_designs

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