New Year, New You, New Start on the Business

With the year coming to a close, we can all agree that 2020 has made a lot of us reimagine the ways of our business practices and strategies. Thankfully, a New Year is right around the corner, allowing us to turn the page. For those looking for a fresh start, here are some things to help implement into your business for a brighter 2021.

Revamping Social Media.

Think about what you want your social media accounts to look like. Does your business have a theme to follow? Do you use a specific filter and editor on your pictures to create a feed that flows and looks seamless? Or do you prefer a fun and spontaneous feed to fit your businesses character? No matter the style you prefer for your social media accounts, you can utilize free and easy apps to plan and edit your pictures. A free app to use to plan your Instagram layout, and to even schedule posts, is Planoly. This app allows you to plan what your Instagram feed will look like, without actually making a post for everyone to see. While social media platforms provide free filters and generic editors, your business can utilize free apps like VSCO to custom edit your pictures to appear more unique and captivating.

With a New Year, consider a new profile picture, background, and bio! Give yourself, and your customers something fresh to look at when they click on your page. Update your company’s profile picture to be sharper, clearer, and maybe even to go along with the current trends! Same goes with backgrounds and bios for your company’s account. Taking the time to “clean up” something like your social media accounts, will not go unnoticed by your customers. Let them get inspired when they click onto your company’s page.

Do Inventory.

It’s important to keep stock of your company’s inventory for financial reasons, but also for planning. Look into what your customers love. What colors, styles, sizes sell the most, and what doesn’t. If you find products that don’t move well, get creative and figure out the best way for your business to move those products without taking a loss. With less popular pieces, you can decide to create something new out of your old designs. Utilize the stones and metals to create upcycled jewelry lines, which can then be promoted as being environmentally friendly. Turn rings into necklaces, necklaces into anklets, etc,. Don’t let materials go to waste, get creative like when you were a kid crafting things out of miscellaneous items around the house. Make sure you are selling what you love! Take pride in your work. Consumers love authenticity and genuine products.

Learn Something New.

We strongly believe in the importance of never ending learning. It’s important to learn from our mistakes. Reflecting back on 2020 and years prior, we can see where we could have implemented different practices, or if we had just been a bit more experienced on a particular task. It could have made all the difference. Take the time to learn something new. The great thing about social media and technology is that it allows us to access materials anytime and anywhere. Look to take online courses about anything that can support your business for the new year. Some courses to look into: social media management, sourcing optimization, increasing employee engagement, and environmental trends. For some helpful business tips and resources, websites like Hubspot allow you to engage with a variety of lessons on your own time. They offer free access to some great learning tools.


Think about your business joining an association to become a part of a business community. Join associations that fit with your company’s brand. These new connections can lead you to business partners, expansion, new opportunities and ideas.

“If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together” – African Proverb

Now, more than ever, it’s important to support those within our community and to those negatively impacted by this past year. Think about your business working with local charities, or organizations that matter to you and your business. Consumers also want the added bonus of having proceeds of their purchase to go back and support someone in need. A win for everyone.


 With the tremendous rise in e-commerce and online orders, the packaging game has elevated. Do not neglect packaging your items to your buyer, even though we all want them to get there in a timely manner. It is important to think about how your products can arrive securely, and be presented in an appealing manner, economically and environmentally friendly. Look into how much your business is spending on shipping materials and where you can become more effective in utilizing materials. This can save your company money, and helps produce less waste for the environment. Consider including handwritten thank you notes that include links to your company’s socials. This can help build your relationships. Making slight changes in the way your company packages your products can make your consumer even more content with their purchase. 

With all this new, don’t forget where and why you started your business. Stay true to your core – expand on what can be for the best optimization possible. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. See you in 2021!

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