One Kind Art: A Sea of Jewels

Discover the enchanting world of One Kind Art, where masterpieces are born from the fusion of cultures, charms, and exquisite craftsmanship. Rachel Eshkhol’s creations bring together the timeless allure of silver and gold, intertwining the splendor of 14K, 18K, and 22K gold. A symphony of gemstones dances within her jewelry, from the fiery brilliance of diamonds and rubies to the serene depths of sapphire and aquamarine. With an artist’s touch, she breathes new life into existing treasures, transforming them into fresh expressions of elegance. Rachel’s artistic prowess spans the globe, as her commissioned works span continents. Whether you’re seeking a bespoke masterpiece, a metamorphosis of your own metals, or an original jewel from her trove, One Kind Art is a conduit to dreams realized. Each creation is a testament to unparalleled quality, a meticulous fusion of artistry and precision that resonates with your desires.

You describe your pieces as a cornucopia of cultures and charms. Which cultures have influenced you the most when designing?

In my artistic journey, the connection between Greece and Rome in painting, sculpture and architecture, Byzantine art, and Gothic art. The cultures of Greece and Rome are magnificent cultures, which maintained reciprocal relations with the cultures of the East, influencing Western cultures in research and the humanities. Ancient Egypt sweeps me away to archaeological discoveries, being personally involved in archaeological excavations and learning about the evaluation of jewelry from different ancient periods. I was also involved in creating a jewelry collection inspired by ancient jewelry found in ancient tombs in Egypt.

The spiritual world sends me on a journey to discover primitive African tribal art through clothing, fashion, colorful fabrics, and embroidery with diverse threads from different materials. The rituals, the body paintings, and the music that plays is replaced by a new jewelry design from the distant past.


Which charms have you had the most fun designing and distributing?

I enjoyed designing the Abstract collection. It expresses itself in color, shape, and texture. It is a journey of feelings; sensations are created in the research that develops following a mysterious inspiration and unknown. The process accompanies me to reach harmony. Complexity in the process is simplicity in the final design. This collection is endlessly evolving and will continue to evolve.


What was the inspiration behind the coin collection?

An ancient coin is a three-dimensional work of art, an archeological find… through it you can see mythological stories, and historical ornaments. The fingerprint from the coin is actually the material in the hand of the creator whose abstraction creates my handwriting from the past to the present.


Your silver and gold combos match up nicely and are a more affordable option. What made you decide to mix metals in this way—offering various price points, or something else?

The combination of metals conveys the feeling of a piece of jewelry from an ancient period. Silver metal can be worked into the material in different forms for many varied textures. The combination of metals emphasizes the textures and the feeling of the motifs embedded in the design. The silver receives oxidation, which completes the stripping. The price was not the issue in terms of design; it was important to reach the goal.


How often do you create custom jewelry, and what is the timetable for those pieces?

Custom design is scheduled about a month in advance, when I am not working on a new collection. It consists of a couple of meetings with illustrations. Each design has a different timeline. Some can take a month, and some can take several months, depending on the complexity of the design.


Mermaidcore and nautical jewelry have been trending this year. Can you tell us about your relationship to the sea, and what inspired your surfing, rope, and nautical collections?

My connection to the sea is the imagination. The sea is eternal and never-ending. Every day is different. The sea is swept away in search of a renewed journey.

It contains ancient treasures from different cultures of the world, sunken ships, and objects that remained at the bottom of the sea for years. Its blue waves change from moment to moment.  The movement that has a fast pace that changes the light falling on it creates renewed abstract paintings. The inspiration for the surf collection was the waves that renew and create a new movement. The inspiration for the rope collections is the connection between the ancient coins found in the depths of the sea in sunken ships with the ropes tied to them. The nautical collection is inspired by the Vikings. The metal processing, the combination of the colored metals, and the processing are influenced by the Nordic culture.


What is your design process? How do you go from idea to final collection?

As a creator, flashes of thoughts come to me, a glimmer of a thought that passes and does not disappear, the thought comes with feelings, leaving a feeling of searching that remains unfading.  Abstract thought creates interest and a journey of discovering the idea.

Once the idea is formed, it is accompanied by a process of collecting material from various appropriate sources, which supports the development of the idea for starting a collection. Free drawing takes its place at this stage. At the same time, a process of expansion and contraction. Preparation of a preliminary model, checking the appearance of the material. The dimensions of the items and the size of the collection that is suitable in a personal way for each collection. The final design comes when there is harmony and a common language between the jewelry.

You have a gemstone section listed on your website. Can you explain why you have decided to do this, and talk about your interest in gemstones?

The gems that are listed are simply to show some of the types of precious stones that I like to work with. Each of my collections can be made with any of those stones added or modified into the design.

The gems have the spiritual and physical history of the earth. Choosing the color and depth of the gemstone, the beauty of the stone is expressed in full transparency, or a stone with certain cuts is selected in advance as part of the jewelry design. A gemstone that is chosen for the design of the jewelry conducts a dialogue with the metal from the beginning of the process until it reaches completion and fusion at the end of the process.


If you could have your pieces worn by anyone, past or present, who would you choose and why?

As a creator, I would choose someone from the present. The creation of my jewelry is influenced by the past. I believe each person has a history that accompanies them and attracts them when choosing a piece of jewelry. The choice is available for everyone that is connecting with my designs, rather than a specific person.


What is your personal and professional mantra?

Personal curiosity is the magic of life.

Over the years, I have experimented with many technologies below the limits of different materials, and have developed an endless curiosity for research. Discovering and combining materials in new and interesting ways. These feelings accompany me in all stages of creation. From the flashes of thoughts beyond the free drawing to the production process, this approach allows me to share my creations with people who love design, and share their passion.


With an unwavering dedication to her craft spanning years of refinement, Eshkol has curated an ensemble of collections under the One Kind Art banner that stands as a living embodiment of her artistic journey. Her ceaseless exploration of new horizons finds its resonance in each delicate creation, a manifestation of her thoughts and emotions, designed to resonate uniquely with each individual. To explore these evocative treasures, visit www.onekindart.com, and delve deeper into her world through captivating visuals on Instagram at Instagram.com/onekindart.

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