Optimizing Your Home Office for Comfort and Productivity

Article by Alice Robertson, TidyHome

As more people embrace the “work-from-home” culture, it is increasingly evident that setting up a comfortable and productive workspace is easier said than done. Traditional offices are expressly designed with employee needs in mind. Including components and features to engage, motivate and encourage productivity in a multipurpose area like your living room requires some effort.

Whether you are working from home occasionally or launching a startup from your house, you need to create a work area that inspires you to stay on track and do your best work. Take advantage of the freedom to design and decorate your home office as you please. Here are some tips from Pietra Communications to help you optimize your workspace.


1.Find the best location

If you do not have a dedicated room in your house to set up an office, you can consider turning other rooms into multipurpose spaces. Options include the basement, dining room, attic, stair landing, or living room. Since every home is different, you must choose what works for you.

The ideal location should have natural lighting, easy access to outlets, a strong internet connection, and minimal distractions. Establish boundaries between your working space and relaxing areas like the bedroom.

2. Renovations and Repairs

Before setting up your workspace, determine whether there are any renovations and repairs that need to be done. It is advisable to pick a home office location that requires minimal renovations. Renovations are typically disruptive, messy, costly, and time-consuming. You can handle uncomplicated repairs and renovations yourself but some will require hiring a professional. For example, to fix windows, you will need to look for a broken window repair near me.

3. Incorporate personal flare

While working in a traditional office, you have to settle for the employer’s choice or what is comfortable with the majority. Setting up your office in your home provides you the unique opportunity to customize your workspace to your liking. Making design decisions and incorporating your individual touch not only improves your productivity but also your health and happiness.

4. Use office plants to bring your space to life
A house or office plant can be an excellent addition to your home office. It adds beautiful greenery to your workspace and helps purify the air. There are several excellent choices including Aloe Vera and spider plants. Choose a plant that is low maintenance and easy to keep alive. Conduct some research on what your plant requires to thrive such as the quantity of water, sunlight, and fertilizer.

5. Use a Back Pillow
Keep your back, neck, and shoulders free from injury by making your home office ergonomic. You do not have to compromise on comfort if you do not have an expensive office chair. You can improve your standard chair by adding a simple back pillow that you already have in your house. Invest in inexpensive chair cushions designed for lumbar support.

6. Improve your lighting
As mentioned earlier, the location of your home office should be in an area with enough windows to let in natural light. Augment the natural light with sufficient LED lighting. The quality of light influences mood and productivity. Poor lighting can cause drowsiness and eye strain.

7. Declutter your workspace
Clutter is the enemy of comfort and productivity. A clean and neatly organized workspace helps keep your mind clear. Organize your workspace by tidying up your cables, digitizing, and making use of containers, drawers, cabinets, and bookshelves. Prevent clutter from building up and use a cloth to wipe off smudges and dust from your desk and appliances. Make sure you clean your workspace before you leave.

8. Improve the air quality
Good air quality improves cognitive function, mood, and productivity. Adding an indoor plant is an excellent way to improve air quality but you can also use non-toxic cleaners and HEPA filters to clean frequently. You can also use ceiling fans and open the windows to improve air circulation.

When working from your home, you have the freedom to try out new things as often as you like. Experiment with new designs, processes, and technology and create the perfect home office.

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