Jason McLeod Designs Functional Gold and Silver Protective Mask

Proceeds from the sale of Jason McLeod’s Time Traveler Shamanic Mask will be donated to charity. In addition, the designer broadens two jewelry collections with new pieces, inspired by a bright and hopeful future.

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, studio jeweler Jason McLeod has expanded his renowned Time Traveler and Bubbles Collections, applying his signature metalsmithing technique to new, one-of-a-kind works. Incorporating an abacus into select pieces, his updated Time Traveler collection offers accessories to wear as the world counts down the days until the pandemic’s end, and on towards a bright and hopeful future. The collection tour de force is the Time Traveler Shamanic Mask, which was handcrafted by McLeod himself. Inspired by the coronavirus, the mask is fully functional, and a reflection of the world’s current state.

A bespoke collector’s item, the Time Traveler Shamanic Mask is made of sterling silver, 18K yellow gold, leather, silk, and cotton and rubber foam lining, for a comfort fit. The rivets are sterling silver, and stamped with the Time Traveler pattern. Each filter is covered by a motif in gold—earth on one side, and the corona of the sun on the other—a homage to the pandemic’s namesake. All profits from the sale of the mask will be donated to charity. “I wanted to do a project with the ‘Robin Hood’ effect, and help out a worthy cause, since so many people have been impacted by the coronavirus,” says Jason McLeod, he continues, “We are not interested in profiting on the pandemic, and this was a way to give back to the community.” Each rivet on the mask is handmade, and high-end shirt silk was used to create the lining and filters, while local fabric stores were closed. “The Time Traveler seemed appropriate to me, because it’s all about leaving reality to a better time, which is appropriate for a pandemic,” says McLeod. The Time Traveler Shamanic Mask is available online, via the designer’s website, www.jasonmcleod.com.

On his inspiration for the pattern, Jason says. “The Time Traveler pattern represents optimism, and an ideal that isn’t tied to normal, boring reality, but from the past or future. It is all about making people feel like they belong in the era we live, or making their way in the future. A lot of what we feel and think about reality isn’t true, and it’s difficult to live inside of reality, with how things are now. Being able to time travel would fix this.”

In addition to the mask, the updated Time Traveler Collection pieces include new Time Traveler Hinged Circuit Cuffs. Each signature cuff is numbered and one-of-a-kind. Time Traveler Circuit Cuff #14 features a turbine of spinning 18K yellow gold gears, and an 11.8 ct. round faceted amethyst. With flush set diamonds along the ends of the turbine and in the moving pieces, the cuff is made of argentium sterling silver and 18K yellow gold. The #17 Time Traveler Circuit Cuff has a star chart, and is entirely hand fabricated in 18K yellow gold, 14k white gold, and argentium sterling silver. The center stone is a 17.4 ct. fancy cut sky blue topaz, accented by round faceted sky-blue topaz. The latter cuff is currently being exhibited in the “Out of this World! Jewelry in the Space Age” exhibit at the Tellus Science Museum in Georgia, which opened on Friday November 6th, 2020. Futuristic and bold, bespoke circuit cuffs have become a trademark of McLeod, incorporating a juxtaposition of the otherworldly and everyday expression.

Artful, and equally optimistic, Jason McLeod’s Bubbles Collection was developed on the premise that “less is more.” The unexpected path of 2020 has given many time for pause and reflection, resulting in a fundamental shift of priorities, visible around the world. His addition to this collection revolves around a sense of simplicity. Developing an 18K yellow gold Bubbles Band flush set with 0.25 cts. diamonds, and a 14K white gold ring with a 0.5 ct. diamond, McLeod creates something beautiful out of the void. His Bubbles Capsule Pendant with amethysts pendant returns to the Time Traveler pattern on the bale, bringing back the messaging of simplicity, and approaching a positive future. Using recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones, the studio jeweler ensures each piece is created responsibly, from mine to market.

Jason McLeod’s newest works include seven cuffs, six rings, a pendant, a statement necklace, and the Shamanic Mask. To learn more about Jason McLeod, visit jasonmcleod.com or call 434-465-4914.

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