Suzy Levian Launches the Hue Harmony Collection on HSN

HSN is offering an exclusive new Suzy Levian jewelry collection, Hue Harmony, which celebrates one’s own milestones, available June 2023.

Sophisticated and modern, Suzy Levian brings empowering designs to women who love color. Branching out of a family business and emerging as a fashion industry powerhouse, Suzy Levian launched a lifestyle brand, influenced by her love of fine jewels. The various colors and hues of gemstones, as well as their inherent symbolism, have inspired the designer to continuously create new and exciting combinations that give confidence to her collectors. In her latest collaboration, Suzy Levian has developed a collection launching exclusively on HSN in June—the Hue Harmony Collection.

The Hue Harmony collection offers a stunning assortment of jewelry that celebrates the beauty of contrasting colors. Hue Harmony is perfect for those who love to make a statement with their jewelry, turning heads and sparking conversation when a piece is worn. The exclusive HSN collection introduces three different gemstones to empower women: topaz, citrine, and amethyst. The outline of sapphires is varied to complement the gemstone center, with blue, pink or orange sapphires. The design of the collection was thoughtfully planned to empower women through the jewels, incorporating Suzy Levian’s Signature Secret Diamond within every piece.

Jewelry designer Suzy Levian says about the collaboration, “HSN has a beautiful and creative way of bringing brands and their stories to life, which is a huge reason why I’m so excited to work with them! This is such a beautiful moment for me to be able to speak directly to my customers and speak about ‘The Secret Diamond’ and my journey.”

The union of shape, color, and design gives this collection a classic and effortless style meant for everyday wear. The collection was designed to celebrate oneself through each individual gemstone’s symbolism and story. The cushion cut promotes embracing of the future without fear of the past. The round cut is a representation of eternal love—a classic style combined with a gemstone, offering a twist on the interpretation for women celebrating timeless love for themselves. A citrine exemplifies wealth, prosperity, and success— a modern talisman for women on-the-go. The pink amethyst symbolizes all things calming and stress relieving, removing one’s anxiety. Blue topaz signifies joy, generosity, and good health for those looking to bring positive energy into their lives, or that of their loved ones.

“When it comes to elegance, less is often more. Simple and understated designs can often make a greater impact than flashy or complicated ones. The double halo design, combined with contrasting gemstone hues, is the perfect example of how simplicity creates stunning effects. The double halo design combines with gemstone hues to create a unique masterpiece,” says Suzy Levian about the collection.

Each Hue Harmony jewel features Suzy Levian’s signature secret diamond, the cornerstone of Suzy Levian’s brand. A diamond hidden in each piece for the enjoyment of the wearer, the signature secret diamond is a symbol of self-empowerment, inner beauty, strength, and freedom.

The exclusive Hue Harmony collection for HSN offers effortless, chic looks with a splash of color, perfect for all. To shop the Suzy Levian Hue Harmony Collection, visit www.hsn.com.

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