Elena Kriegner’s Together Necklace

The following is a message on behalf of Elena Kriegner: Creativity Materialized. The New York-based designer has created a new design, which gives back to help support those struggling as a direct result of COVID-19. Read the company’s statement below.

Together Necklace, by Elena Kriegner.


We are all in this TOGETHER

We want to do something relevant in response to the COVID-19 virus! We are not qualified to help in a hospital, we don’t have large amounts of money to donate, and we cannot drive supplies to people in need.

However, we can continue doing what we are doing best while finding a way to help others. We want to put a sparkle into somebody’s day!

We are creative, we brainstormed, designed, and created something meaningful. We can make it with our hands, we can mail it to you or the person you want to give it to, and we will donate 1/3 of the sales to Feeding America so this organization can put together food boxes for people who really need them right now. And we are doing all this while we are STAYING IN to protect the people around us.

We care doing it NOW. We call it the TOGETHER Necklace.

Together Charm, shown on a key ring.

The TOGETHER Necklace stands for LOVE, APPRECIATION, FRIENDSHIP, COMPASSION and that WE CARE for others in unusual trying times. It stands for so many more things and that’s where YOU come in!


1. THINK OF SOMEBODY who could really need a BIG HUG right now or who you want to show your love and appreciation to and that you are thinking of them while you cannot get together in person, IRL.

2. COME UP WITH something meaningful that can be laser engraved on 3 sides of a triangle. Words, Names, Numbers, Acronyms, whatever is meaningful and encouraging! Don’t forget to think of something meaningful and positive also for YOURSELF.

3. Send us an email with your selections and wait for our DESIGN pdf file that will show you how YOUR DESIGN will looks like before we edge it into Sterling Silver. APPROVE the design and place your order with a destination mailing address.

4. We will GET BUSY: laser engraving, sawing, filing, soldering, polishing and making a card to go along with your gift. We will also print your message if we are shipping your gift directly.

5. We will send 1/3 of your payment to Feeding America, and we will put the other 2/3 right back into the economy to keep it going.

6. YOU will SURPRISE and DELIGHT somebody and show them how much you LOVE them, CARE for them, MISS and APPRECIATE them. This will be a keepsake reminding us of the time when we became closer while having to physically distance ourselves.

Together Charm, shown on a purse.

Let’s do this TOGETHER!

Here are important details about the TOGETHER Necklace:

There also is a TOGETHER Charm (for anyone not wearing a necklace) that can be hooked onto a Key Ring, Bracelet, Bag or whatever you find suitable!

Inspiration:  Sometimes life is perfectly round, and sometimes it is very pointy, but the two are hooked together and cannot be separated. Through hardship comes creativity, hope, and the desire to make everything better together.

Story: We live in NYC, two blocks (a 5 minute walk) from our studio so we can STAY HOME and STAY IN (the studio) any given day without endangering ourselves or anyone else along the short way.

Production: 100% handmade in our NYC Studio

Material:  Sterling Silver

Options:  Choose between 16” and 18” length for the TOGETHER necklace, feel free to order any other custom length. Or get the TOGETHER Charm with a small split ring.

Together Necklace, by Elena Kriegner.

Packaging: Every TOGETHER piece is packaged in a silver organza gift bag, and includes a custom printed card & envelope, so you can send a message with your gift. Write it yourself, or have us print it on your behalf.

Price: $150 (1/3 of the sales proceeds will be donated to FeedingAmerica.org, helping Food Banks respond to the COVID-19 crisis)

Delivery: As quickly as we can make them, expect not more than a few days.


Tell us how many TOGETHER necklaces and charms you want and what the engraving will be for each. We will get right back to you with the engraving files.

Here is the link to purchase online: https://elenakriegner.myshopify.com/collections/necklaces/products/together-necklace

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