VIBHOR: Core Diamond Essentials 

VIBHOR was born from the artistic vision and entrepreneurial spirit of founders Manish and Neelu Dhadda. The company strives to achieve excellence in all areas of diamond manufacturing and design— the driving force behind the exquisite brand. Remaining faithful to the founders’ values, COO Vibhor Dhadda answers some of our questions regarding the company’s jewelry and roots.

Can you talk a little about how VIBHOR started? 

VIBHOR, a manufacturer of private-label Core Diamond Essentials, is a privately held diamond jewelry design and manufacturing company founded in 2000 by Manish and Neelu Dhadda. Manish and Neelu Dhadda started their careers manufacturing color stones in Jaipur, India, and later discovered the rise of diamond exports from India. On a trip to Mumbai, India, Dhadda saw an opportunity in the United States market for a quality supplier of fine jewelry for quality-conscious independent retail stores. He founded “VIBHOR,” and began selling his product line under the registered trademark “Core Diamond Essentials.”

Hinged Shared Prong Bangle, by VIBHOR. Available in 0.52cts, 1.40 cts, 2.60 cts. The diamond quality across the board is F-G VS, and all products are available in 14K, 18K, 18K Palladium (Nickel Free), and Platinum. Yellow, white, rose, and green gold options are available.

You advertise the use of machinery in the creative process, can you talk about the state-of-the-art technology used in your collection?

Our collection is made from a solid piece of die-struck metal and machine-set diamonds, crafted in various proprietary settings. Our prong setting technology guarantees security by ensuring that every prong precisely holds the diamond in place, without affecting the aesthetic of the jewelry. Our ultimate goal is to avoid a metal-heavy look, providing more diamond-centric appeal. Our skilled craftsmen can accommodate any number of stones or amount of coverage on the finger, and finger-size to fulfill requests. Concentrating on minute details has been our forte, and we excel in making any ring from finger size 1 to 16.

VIBHOR uses state of the art computer-controlled machines to cut the metal, and as a result, we get the benefit of a high polish finish on the inside circumference of our rings.

Can you describe the process and balance between your craftsmen and machinery to create the best product?

With more than 200 years of manufacturing expertise on our team, VIBHOR combines modern technology with the highest levels of craftsmanship to produce a finished core diamond story for the most discerning of tastes. Utilizing only the best quality materials in diamonds, colored stones, and metals (14K gold, 18K nickel-free gold, and platinum), we take pride in our unswerving commitment to delivering a well-executed and exceptional product line. Our process relies on perfection at every stage, with a human touch and feel to the aesthetic.

Can you describe the process of choosing your diamonds, and how that reflects in the quality of your jewelry?

Signature diamonds are perfectly calibrated and carefully aligned and set by machine. Our diamonds go through ten manual and automated checkpoints before being selected for the manufacturing of our jewelry.

Cathedral Wedding and Engagement Set, by VIBHOR. Available in 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, and 1 ct. The diamond quality across the board is F-G VS, and all products are available in 14K, 18K, 18K Palladium (Nickel Free), and Platinum. Yellow, white, rose, and green gold options are available.

How does jewelry fit into your personal life?

Jewelry is a method of self-expression, style, and culture.

What do you believe sets you apart from other commercial jewelry retailers?

Traditional jewelry is cast, which leads to pits holes and porosity. Our jewelry, on the other hand, is made from die-struck extruded tubing, which is used by the biggest watch brands in the industry. It is costlier, but the jewelry speaks for itself.

How do you feel about the concept of jewelry as an investment? How would you advise someone looking to buy your jewelry as an investment?

Our advice is to make sure the consumer is buying the best, in terms of materials and the method of assembly. Our manufacturing techniques are very precise and durable. We offer a 5-year warranty on all products.

What should a customer look for in a piece of jewelry?

Quality of manufacturing, longevity, and how it fits their style and lifestyle.

How do you think jewelry fits into our culture and daily lives?

Jewelry has traditionally been a part of our culture as a way to express one’s feelings. A diamond is the only item on this planet that is forever. It represents memories and is a mark of success.

Combining modern technology with the highest levels of craftsmanship, VIBHOR does not lose sight of the meaning behind a piece. Their jewelry inspires and strives for excellence in craftsmanship. To find out more, visit 

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