Jeffrey Bilgore Capsule Collection Celebrates Spinel

Red Spinel Ring by Jeffrey Bilgore. 8.63 oval red spinel, with diamonds, set in platinum

In honor of its third year as a birthstone, Jeffrey Bilgore introduces new spinel pieces within his fine jewelry collection.

Few gemstones incorporate the spectral range that spinel encompasses within its natural palette. Available in near colorless to pink, red, and orange shades, as well as blue and black, it is the newest gemstone to become a birthstone, achieving the status in 2016, accompanying peridot for August. Historically, spinel has been misunderstood, and often mistaken for ruby or other gemstones. Spinel is prominently in many of the world’s crown jewels. Finally, it is getting the recognition, along with the admiration, it has long deserved. Gemstone merchant and jewelry designer, Jeffery Bilgore, travels globally to source the world’s finest spinel specimens, designing one-of-a-kind fine jewelry that accents the gem’s rich hues and luster. The capsule collection combines his eye for exceptional stones with classic, high quality settings. Celebrating the allure of spinel, each piece is a collector’s dream.

“Spinel has always been my favorite gemstone. It offers a range of colors similar, yet broader, than that of sapphire. The colors often have a much greater intensity than sapphire, aided by a brilliance comparable to diamonds. Frankly speaking, spinel comes in colors that sapphires only dream of. Finding these gems, cutting them, and designing beautiful pieces is always a fantastic experience. As a bonus, it is now my birthstone too,” says Jeffrey Bilgore.

Red Spinel Earrings by Jeffrey Bilgore. Two 8.87 tcw. Red spinels, and diamonds, set in platinum.

With dozens of cubic rough spinel crystals, Jeffrey Bilgore has curated a rainbow of colorful cuts. Ovals, rounds, and cushions are meticulously faceted to bring out maximum reflection and refraction of light, optimizing the beauty of each individual piece. With two sourced loose stones in the National Gem Collection, as well as a finished 10.19 ct. red spinel ring, Bilgore’s eye is indeed museum worthy. His attention to detail when hand-selecting spinels is recognized throughout the trade and public, with notably rare acquisitions being a 14.02 ct. blue spinel from Sri Lanka, and a 16.79 pink spinel from Tajikistan. In 2009, a red Spinel was sourced and cut by Bilgore, resulting in an 11.44ct cushion cut that won 1st place in the AGTA Cutting Edge Awards. Those looking for rare cuts and colors will be delighted with his 10 ct. violet antique pear shaped spinel. For the fashion forward, his platinum Mahenge Tanzanian spinel set features a 7.92 ct. octagon cut red spinel ring, with diamonds, set in platinum, alongside 3.11 ct. oval red spinel earrings, with diamonds, also set in platinum. All spinels sourced by Jeffrey Bilgore are natural and unheated.

“Whether it is a gift for someone else, or a gift for oneself, a great spinel will bring smiles to the lucky recipient for years! The bonus will be the comments from others about the gemstone’s amazing beauty. The elegance and individuality of spinels lasts from generation to generation.” says Jeffrey Bilgore.

At times used for protection, the stone has been symbolically associated with having a calming effect, aiding stress and encouraging love and compassion. Spinel’s versatility and beauty has been long admired, alongside its luster and hardness, making it an excellent stone for jewelry center pieces. Create a unique Jeffrey Bilgore spinel ring, necklace, or pair of earrings this August, or year-round, to celebrate a milestone, or just because. Sourced, cut, and designed by the industry’s leading colored gemstone procurer, the exclusivity and beauty of a Jeffrey Bilgore spinel piece is second to none.

To learn more about Jeffrey Bilgore, and request pricing, visit, or inquire with the designer directly through his contact page.

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