Let Your Imagination Carry You Away

A message from author, George Robert Minkoff

“Most likely your kids are home from school climbing the walls. Are you climbing the walls with them? May I suggest a story time with the Tickle Plenty audiobooks I created for my granddaughter, in order to keep her happy when she was home from school. They are stories about a little girl named Tickle Plenty, with wizards, a chocolate chip cookie house, a friendly young giant, a talking bird, a bear cub, and a best friend.

They take place in a land of wonders called the Rainbow Forest, where all the trees have different colored leaves. In their adventures, Tickle Plenty and her friends visit the Ice Cream Volcano to the north, the Bubblegum Tree, and the Lollipop Garden. All this, with a friendly, but slightly bad mannered talking magic wand.

They adventure to the Nothing Happening Festival, with its games, rides, fabulous foods, and Chocolate Avenue, where one can buy chocolate cuckoo clocks that work, and chocolate bicycles to ride. Also, there is cotton candy so light that one has to hold on tight with two hands, otherwise, in a strong wind, it might fly you away.

As my granddaughter is, I think your children will be fascinated by this imaginative land of friends, wizards, magic and fun.”

Tickle Plenty audiobooks 1 – 3 can be purchased on Audible, an Amazon company, by clicking here.
The titles are: Tickle Plenty and the Bubblegum Tree, Tickle Plenty and the Lollipop Garden, and Tickle Plenty and the Kingdom of the Clouds.

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