Mantras for Meditation at Work

Mantras are words or phrases you repeat either out loud, or in your head to help focus your mind. Using meaningful mantras can help with motivation to complete your goals, both personally and professionally. Take deep breaths and repeat your mantra three or more times, relax, and focus on what you are saying to find inner peace.


“Everything I Need is Within Me”

It’s easy for us to get overwhelmed and feel like we don’t have what we need to be successful. When you start to feel like this, using the mantra “Everything I need is within me’” is s a reminder that all you need to succeed, is yourself. Trust that you have the knowledge and initiative to get where you want to be in life. You are your motivation.

“Disconnect to Reconnect”

When our emotions get the best of us, our frustration starts to show. Something negative may happen at work. Understandably, it is hard to be perfect all the time, so it is better to disconnect from things in order to reconnect. Saying “Disconnect to reconnect” helps lower heightened emotions, and ease the mind. Taking some time to disconnect will be better for you, in order to do your best work.

“I change my thoughts; I change my world”- Norman Vincent Peale

Many of us tend to look at something as a negative, before we realize the positive side of things. Once we think of something negatively, we tend to lose our motivation thinking we’ve already failed. Changing your thought process just slightly to be optimistic about things, will keep up your motivation. There’s always a solution, or at the very least there’s a way to make a situation better. Being more positive will not only make your work life better, but can transfer into your personal life as well. Change your thoughts; change your world.

“Inhale the Future, Exhale the Past”

What is in the past, is in the past. It’s important not to dwell on things we can’t change. Keep moving forward and learning from your past. Acknowledge past mistakes, but realize they provide a learning opportunity. When it gets difficult to notice our past mistakes as learning curves, physically inhale and exhale as you use this mantra. The best you can do is relax and know it will all be okay in the future.

“I Am Fulfilled. I Am Fearless”

A good way to start your day is by using a mantra. Simply saying, “I am fulfilled. I am fearless” each morning, with deep breathes, can help set a good tone for the rest of your day. It’s easy to get ahead of ourselves and stress over all the things that need to get done, which can lead to a less productive day. Motivate yourself in the morning by focusing your mind, take on the day fearlessly.

It can be hard to find the time for a full meditation during a busy workday. Mantras are great to use during your meditation, to help your mind focused, and are great for a quick pick me up to refocus throughout the day. Find a mantra that relates to your life to make it even more impactful, it can be as simple as one word or a phrase, or write your own; there is no right or wrong way to mantra.

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