The Jewelry Industry: Perspectives on the Journey to Net Zero

The webinar follows December’s inaugural conversation, Decade of Action: Climate and the Precious Metals Industry.

For nearly three decades, governments have united annually in response to the global climate emergency. This international climate cooperation supports science-based action and the development of systems to protect the earth and its environment. The impact of these issues and the directives they dictate is felt across industries, including the jewelry and watch sectors. On February 23, 2022 at 12:30 EST, Initiatives in Art and Culture and Mark Hanna host the webinar, “The Jewelry Industry: Perspectives on the Journey to Net Zero.” the second conversation in the series, which is focused on climate as a dominant issue in this decade of action.

Lisa Koenigsberg, President of Initiatives in Art and Culture, says,” The perspectives of those who chart a road map for realizing positive change regarding the critical global climate situation must be anchored in exploration and refined by experience. IAC is honored that this second in the multipart series of webinars offered with Mark Hanna will be informed by the authoritative perspectives of three industry leaders who are optimally suited to discuss important journeys to reach Net Zero. IAC is grateful that through specific case studies including discussion of methodology and evaluation Matthew Kilgarriff, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Richemont, François-Xavier Morvan, Sustainability Performance Senior Manager, Kering, and Kirsten Hund, Head of Carbon Neutrality, DeBeers, will bring their unique perspectives to the conversation about how the precious metals industry can measure and arrive at net-zero. The time for action is now!”

The Boldly Building the Future Series offers conversations aimed at global transformation. The expertise and insights shared by knowledgeable authorities ensure that the webinars will enlighten even the most seasoned industry veterans.

Mark Hanna, Chief Marketing Officer of Richline Group, says “Informed practices, goals and measurements for climate management are now mandatory for our industry and our future consumers.”

During the conversation, Kilgarriff, Morvan, Hund, Hanna, and Koenigsberg will tackle the learnings and directives of the Global Climate Conference (COP26), as catalysts for industry climate actions. Industry leaders in the gem and jewelry sector will discuss how they and their companies have pursued the journey to measure and arrive at net-zero, through discussion of specific case studies and benefitting from individual perspectives on methodology and measurement.

All those participating in the jewelry supply chain are encouraged to join this virtual tour de force of innovative thinking and calls to action, in support of our planet and its resources. For complimentary registration to attend “The Jewelry Industry: Perspectives on the Journey to Net Zero” click here. To learn more about Initiatives in Art and Culture, visit http://artinitiatives.com, call 646-485-1952, or email info@artinitatives.com.

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