3rd Edition of Lab-Grown Diamonds “Bible” Set for Release

Revised unique industry reference book includes eight new subjects to be presented by co-authors and authors in Free Fall LIVE Webinars.

Gem and jewelry industry experts Dusan Simic and Branko Deljanin have completed the 3rd edition of their best-selling book Laboratory-Grown Diamonds – Information guide to HPHT and CVD-grown diamonds. Simic and Deljanin, diamond researchers with over 50 years combined experience in the trade, are internationally recognized as authorities on diamonds. They specialize in the identification of natural, treated and laboratory-grown diamonds. They have together published more than 100 magazine articles and presented at scores of conferences around the globe.

The 188-page Laboratory-Grown Diamonds – Information guide to HPHT and CVD-grown diamonds is being published by ‘Gemmological Research Industries Inc’ (Canada) in collaboration with four eminent contributing authors:

Scientist  Dr. Boris Feigelson from the Naval Research Laboratory in the USA

Lab researcher Sharrie Woodring from the GCAL lab in the USA

Dusan Simic

CVD engineer Malay Hirani from Soni CVD Diamonds in India

HPHT engineer Frank Ripka from Algordanza in Switzerland

Members of the trade can order the book at: www.brankogems.com/shop/books/laboratory-grown-diamonds-information-guide-to-hpht-and-cvd-grown-diamonds

The authors believe there will be tremendous interest for the latest edition of the book following the huge demand for the 2nd edition published in 2007 which sold over 3,000 copies worldwide in two languages.

Simic and Deljanin said: “This book is unique in our industry. To the best of our knowledge, nobody else has written on these subjects. In addition to revised chapters, there are eight new articles (approximately 100 extra pages) in the new edition, thus creating a 188-page practical guide that is invaluable for diamond traders.”

For any questions regarding the book, please contact Branko Deljanin at: info@brankogems.com

In addition, Simic and Deljanin are inviting diamond trade members from around the globe to join their one-hour FALL 2020 Free Webinars on Laboratory-Grown Diamonds from Oct. 15/16 – Dec. 18.

They will present at the following 7 LIVE webinars with: Malay Hirani, India, on “CVD Diamond Production: an Overview”; Tom Chatham, USA, on “Past, Present and Future of the Laboratory-Grown Diamond Industry”; Frank Ripka, Switzerland, on “Memorial Diamonds”; Dr Boris Feigelson, USA, on “HPHT Grown Diamonds: Insider Story”; Sharrie Woodring, USA, on ‘Update on Grading, Appraising, and Inclusions in Lab-Grown Diamonds’; while the authors will present “Identification and Tracking with New Patent and Certification of Laboratory-Grown Diamonds.”

“Due to overwhelming interest in the webinars, we have decided to limit the participant numbers for each one in order to create a better interaction with the presenters during Q&A sessions and to allow for more issues to be raised and debated,” Simic and Deljanin said. “We would strongly recommend people to register and reserve their spots as soon as possible.” Please click here to register: www.brankogems.com/shop/product-category/webinars


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