Cecile Raley Designs Celebrates Deco Florals with its Spring Collection

The designer’s capsule collection, featuring exotic gemstones, is newly available online.

Color blocking responsibly sourced gemstones from around the world, AGTA member, Dr. Yvonne Cecile Raley, is internationally renowned for her signature style and dedication to transparency in the trade. An ethics professor turned fine jewelry designer, her pieces are highly sought after by retailers and Etsy shop buyers alike. Traveling internationally to source locally with artisanal mining partners, each colored gem is hand-selected with an homage to art deco in mind. The Cecile Raley Designs spring capsule collection features four ring and three pendant styles, which mix and match exotic gemstones with timeless, floral motifs.

Camellia Ring by Cecile Raley Designs.
Mahenge and Burmese spinels, and diamonds, set in 14K white gold.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the six new pieces by Cecile Raley Designs celebrate the beauty in nature’s symmetry. Yvonne’s lilies are available in a variety of color combinations. Soft and pastel, one of the Lily ring styles features a green demantoid garnet center stone, surrounded by four lavender sapphires, which are flanked by more demantoids, and set in a cool 14K white gold. For a bold look, Cecile Raley Designs offers a 14K rose gold version, set with a fiery orange-red mandarin garnet from Madagascar, Vietnamese spinels, and mint garnets. For something classic in the color mid-range, the Lily pendant is available in 14K white gold, with a pink Mozambique spinel, tanzanites, and lavender sapphires.

“I get so excited about spring because I can finally fill my garden with new peonies, pansies and violas for a first dash of color for the season. Mother nature comes up with the best color combinations and it’s where I find my inspiration for my spring designs. I enjoy mixing color with the simple and elegant lines of the art deco period.” says Yvonne Raley.

For gem lovers, the Alice ring offers a unique combination of rare gemstones—Paraiba tourmalines, Burmese spinels, and sapphire. The global selection of unique stones is set into the warmth of 14K rose gold. Also featuring Paraiba, the Zelda ring evokes the architectural style of art deco, with a marquise cut, surrounded by towers of vibrant blue hauyne.

Lily Pendant by Cecile Raley Designs.
Mozambique spinel, tanzanites, and lavender sapphires, set in 14K white gold.

Raley’s popular slider pendants offer versatility, which easily slide off chains to provide a rotation of elegant, spring floral looks. The new Sunflower pendant is delightfully crafted, both millgrained and hand-engraved, featuring a Russian demantoid garnet center stone. The Isabella pendant rings in the season’s sunshine with marquis lavender sapphires, set with bright Paraibas.

Exceptional craftsmanship is the staple of Cecile Raley Designs. The New Jersey-based business hires local, working with setters, engravers, and appraisers in New York City. The expertise of the diamond district offers clients a prompt turnaround time, and meticulous attention to detail. Spring’s capsule collection offers a  medley of rare gems with exceptional jewelry-making skills.

Dr. Yvonne Cecile Raley says, “as a former ethics professor, responsible sourcing has to be a foundation of my business. I can’t enjoy what I do if I can’t spread the love.  And that means both to my clients and to my suppliers.  The rise of the internet has insured that we all live in the same world, and when it comes to spreading joy with my designs, there cannot be ‘another side of the fence.’ I also really enjoy working with clients individually on designs that speak to them. It makes their jewelry collections personal and unique, and I, in turn, can learn from their ideas when I come up with new designs and color combinations, like the ones in this spring capsule collection.”

To learn more about Cecile Raley Designs visit cecileraleydesigns.com, call 201-232-6646, or email cecileraleydesigns@gmail.com.

About Cecile Raley Designs

Cecile Raley Designs is dedicated to all things sustainable and fair. Castings are made from recycled materials, and gemstones are untreated and locally sourced, whenever possible. Promoting local artisanship and fair wages, Cecile Raley Designs strives to understand how gems and materials are sourced, and provides full disclosure about production to its customers.

Inspired by New York City, its history as a city of immigrants, and the opulent, yet elegant, style of the 1920s, Cecile Raley Designs brings to life a time only captured in black and white movies to breathtaking color—celebrating rare, earth mined gems from Madagascar, Tanzania, and Colombia, connecting small artisanal mining to the Metropolis that is both home to the designer, and much of the trade.

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