Visualizations to Prep You for Work

Getting started for work can be a struggle at times. We all have those days of low motivation and just can’t picture ourselves possibly getting all our work done. While staying in bed and just not working may just be what you want to do, that’s not always an option. So here are visualizations to help you prepare for success. 

Different Ways to Visualize 

While you may only think there is one way to visualize something, different things work for each person. You may enjoy journaling, which is great for writing out one’s visualizations or even doing quick sketches of what you are imagining. Some may find speaking out loud what one visualizes helps set it in their head best. Everybody’s mind works differently, and it is good to try different ways to find what is working best for you. As long as you are feeling empowered, motivated, and confident after visualizations, that is all that matters.

Short-term Visualizations

Sometimes we just wake up and already have low motivation to get to work. A way to help you find the motivation to start your work, try visualizing how you will feel after you complete all your work. You can picture it now, a thumbs up from the boss and all of your co-workers appreciating your work ethic. If that’s not what you are looking for, picture all the things you are looking forward to doing after work, such playing with your pets, or some quality family or friend time.

By envisioning all your work getting done, it will help you feel confident enough to take the initiative to start the day and give yourself something to look forward to. Picture the positives of getting your work done, and you’ll feel your mood change that morning. It will make your day better and easier. Mentally preparing for work is an important part of starting your day. Using imagery and visualization can be a big help in giving you the motivation and confidence you need to start and get through your workday.

Long-term Visualizations

Help your future self out and picture your big plans for success. You may have many goals you want to achieve within your professional career; however, it may seem difficult to reach any of these goals without having an idea of what getting to that goal looks like. When we begin visualizing our aspirations, we are able to see the possibility of achieving them. While this also works for short-term goals, it helps a lot with long-term goals by helping see the necessary actions needed to get to your goal. Therefore, when a future opportunity presents itself, you’ll be more likely to not only recognize it but act on it too.

Create a vivid image of each possible process until your goal is achieved. Do you want the next big promotion? Envision yourself working hard, offering to do extra work, coming up with the next groundbreaking idea for the company, and finally your boss calling you into the office and congratulating you on the promotion. Imagine the feelings that go along with the actions: the thrill, happiness, and confidence you would feel by doing what you just imagined.

Seeing is believing. If you can imagine it, you can do it. Visualization is a great tool to help you empower yourself to work harder and achieve your aspirations. Make sure you aren’t just hoping and wishing for a successful future. While we all do hope and wish, it is important to make sure you have the intentions of doing what you visualize.  Let your imagery enhance your intentions to get it done. 

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