Beauvince Jewelry Brings Something Blue to Fall 2019 Fashion

Oval and round blue sapphire jewelry from Beauvince Jewelry elevates from the aisle to the runway.

The emergence of fall signifies a convergence in fashion—from the September birthstone, to the onset of autumn weddings, a metamorphosis in style emerges around the conversation of blue. Royal in hue and prevalent in lore, sapphires are symbolic of loyalty, wisdom, and have been used as protective talismans. New York atelier, Beauvince Jewelry, works one-on-one with clients to create custom fine jewelry symbolizing love of others, and love of self. This fall, oval and round shapes are being juxtaposed for fresh, new looks in the classic blue gem.

Designer and Curator, Komal Bajaj, says of her new white gold and sapphire pieces, “A spectrum of traditional and modern, these sapphire and diamond jewels are crafted to be luxurious and charming. The depth and coolness of the sapphires is enhanced by the fire and brilliance of the accompanying diamonds. Each piece demands and warrants attention with its unique details, making an ideal gift to celebrate oneself, a September birthday, or to commemorate a special occasion, such as a wedding. Elegant and timeless, they make graceful adornments for women with varied styles and different personalities.”

Beauvince Jewelry’s sapphire and diamond pieces each standalone as a statement piece, yet can be layered together for a luxurious look. With oval center stones taking center stage as one of the most popular cuts today, Beauvince adds five rings to their collection, which double as engagement rings on the left hand, and fabulous cocktail rings for the right. The Twinkling Sapphire Diamond and Dome Band encircles a 1.54 ct. vibrant blue sapphire with 1.90 cts. of round diamonds, elegantly vaulted in white gold. The Starry Crossroads Diamond and Sapphire Ring follows suit, with quadrants of the double banded precious metal, adding a vintage flair. Glory of Snow embraces the antique-inspired, with oval-center cluster, surrounded by round diamonds and sapphires in a Greek-cross pattern.

The Ice Princess Diamond and Sapphire Ring is fit for a royal outing, featuring a 5.92 ct. sapphire, haloed with a row of round diamonds, and flanked by a pair of lustrous radiant cuts.  Complementing in style, but with even more frost, the Ice Queen Diamonds and Sapphire Ring has a 5.38 ct. sapphire, hugged by two slanted marquise pairs. Finely detailed with a side halo above the basket, as well as with a diamond set band, the setting gives a three-stone illusion, with an aesthetic fit for a queen.

“Full of fire and brilliance, round and oval shapes have dazzled and mesmerized the eyes with their soft silhouettes and exuberant liveliness for as far as one can recall. While ovals were for a period forgotten for more modern shapes such as cushion and radiant, today they are pleasantly making their way back into vogue. In this collection, we bring them together, sometimes with other brilliant cut shapes to recreate the timeless magic they embody,” says Komal Bajaj.

Modern and provocative, the look translates to earrings for the office. Beauvince’s Sapphire Diamond Halo Studs are simple and sweet—rounds surrounded by diamond layers, perfect for every day. For a sweeping look, the Ice Princess Diamond and Sapphire Earrings sparkle with multilayered cuts: ovals, rounds, and princess elongating the neck.

The culmination of oval elegance is found in the Starry Night Sapphire and Diamond Necklace. With thirty royal blue sapphires in a picturesque setting, the Starry Night necklace flatters along the collarbone, and is the perfect “me gift.” Updating film noir elegance for today’s cocktail party, Starry Night is perfect for a wedding, or as a treat.

The pièce de résistance within the new Beauvince sapphire collection is the Atlantis Sapphire and Diamond Suite. As alluring as its namesake, Atlantis is grand and vivacious, with 60.18 cts. of oval sapphires set in diamonds, created with a monumental and classic scale. Accompanied by 10.34 cts. sapphire earrings, 11.48 cts. of sapphires in an elegant bangle, and a 4.02 ct. oval center stone sapphire set in a ring, the suite is fit for one’s inner goddess. View a view of the Atlantis Sapphire and Diamond Suite here.

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