Beauvince Unveils The Iconics, an Exquisite High Jewelry Collection

The Iconics Collection Features the Radiant Beauty of Yellow and White Diamonds, Alongside Vibrant Emeralds and Rubies

Beauvince, renowned international purveyor of high-end jewelry, is delighted to present its new collection, The Iconics, just in time for the holiday season. For 2023, the brand takes the holiday spirit to new heights by celebrating a dazzling trend: the harmonious fusion of yellow diamonds set in yellow gold, combined with white diamonds set in platinum. The Iconics have an exquisite blend of colors and brilliance that create a unique and unforgettable statement, perfect for celebrating the season’s magic.

Bringing the extraordinary to clientele in time for the holiday season, Beauvince seamlessly merges the brilliance of yellow diamonds with the classic elegance of white diamonds. Second generation jeweler, Komal Sankar, curates the collection to exemplify luxury, opulence, and style. She says, “Our 2023 Iconics collection is all about colors. We love diamonds and this season we wanted to explore the interplay of the warmer yellows with the classic white. We’re always playing with colors in our attire. Why not in our jewels?”

Fit for royalty, the Beauvince Sunrise Suite is an awe-inspiring masterpiece. The suite includes a necklace and matching earrings adorned with an astonishing collection of pear-shaped and oval yellow diamonds, totaling 24.43 carats (necklace) and 8.36 carats (earrings). These remarkable gems are paired with an ensemble of marquise and pear-shaped white diamonds that create a symphony of shimmer. Set with a magnificent 8.85 carat fancy yellow diamond, the Illumina Ring is a testament to power and grandeur. Complemented by an additional 2.87 carats of fancy yellow diamonds, this ring is set in platinum and 18K yellow gold, exemplifying a striking combination of elegance and strength.  Handcrafted with platinum and yellow gold, the Radiance Diamond Stud Earrings feature fancy yellow and white diamonds, totaling 7.58 carats. Perfection embodied as studs, with the option of adding a dangling drop or chandelier extension through a discreet loop, they offer a versatile and timeless addition to any jewelry collection. The one-of-a-kind Butterfly Fall Ring has a vibrant array of fancy orange, green, yellow, and brown diamonds, totaling 3.80 carats. The butterfly, a universal symbol of transformation and metamorphosis, takes center stage in the design. Its delicate wings, adorned with a mosaic of vivid diamonds, evoke a sense of freedom and growth. The wearer of the Butterfly Fall Ring carries with them the reminder that change is beautiful, and each phase of life brings its own unique gifts.

For those looking to add color to their holiday gala looks, Beauvince marries the timeless allure of green emeralds and red rubies with the brilliance of diamonds in The Iconics Collection. Captivating the hearts of connoisseurs and jewelry enthusiasts alike, a range of pieces celebrate the festive spirit with sophistication. 

“No holiday season is complete without the reds and greens. The Ruby and Emerald suites from the 2023 collection are a rich and luxurious means of inculcating the softness and ever-present beauty the different shades of these gems offer into a bold and differentiated holiday look. They are perfect for celebrating a loved one or unapologetically celebrating oneself. The natural color and origin of these gems further celebrates rarity and uniqueness as found in nature” says Komal Sankar. A sparkling set, the Beauvince Burma Floral Suite consists of natural 40.02 cts. of natural pear-shaped Burmese rubies, interspersed within a blossoming collar of white diamonds. The Wizard of Oz Emerald Ring has a regal design, featuring a luminous, untreated Colombian emerald, weighing 3.83 carats, set in 18K white and yellow gold. Complemented by marquise-cut diamonds, the ring is a testament to the unparalleled beauty of natural gemstones. The emerald, with its striking green hue, symbolizes growth and prosperity, making it an exquisite choice for those seeking a piece that resonates with their journey towards fulfillment. The Golds and Greens Diamond & Emerald Earrings showcase a unique combination of champagne diamonds and Colombian emeralds. The warm tones of the gold setting beautifully complement the rich color of the emeralds and diamonds, creating a harmonious and radiant display.

A luxury atelier, Beauvince is dedicated to personalization. Educating clients about the nuances of diamond selection, the company empowers them to make informed choices. This commitment to transparency and knowledge-sharing forms the cornerstone of The Beauvince Process. Through it, Komal collaborates closely with customers to transform each vision into a perfect, one-of-a-kind jewel. 

Beauvince’s name is a testament to its ethos. Derived from ‘beauty’ and ‘vincible,’ it embodies the idea that with beauty, one conquers. The atelier’s belief in the inherent beauty and uniqueness of every individual drives the creation of designs that cater specifically to each clients’ desires and dreams. Using exclusively natural, untreated, and responsibly sourced conflict-free diamonds and precious gemstones, the atelier extends a lifetime warranty to both retail trade partners and private clients. For holiday orders, pre-made pieces are dispatched within three days, while customized creations have a turnaround time of one to three weeks.

To learn more about The Iconics Collection and Beauvince Jewelry, visit beauvince.com, call 646-775-8724 or email info@beauvince.com

About Beauvince Jewelry

Beauvince Jewelry seeks to cherish the dreams, desires, and strengths of jewelry lovers through diamonds, the strongest substance found in nature. Beauvince believes that all individuals are beautiful and unique, and the company strives to create designs that meet specific client needs. Conceptualized as modern heirlooms, to be passed down through generations, each piece of Beauvince Jewelry is timeless, merging the creativity, quality, and value the company is renowned for. Beauvince has a presence in New York and London, arranging viewings by appointment.

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