Bonnie Jennifer Introduces Gold-Filled Beaded Gemstone Rings

Fashion-forward and affordable, Bonnie Jennifer rings are the perfect gift for moms on the go, who love a pop of color.

Every second Sunday in May, motherhood is commemorated by honoring the love, commitment and joy that mothers bring to families, as well as their contribution to society. Showing gratitude through cards, flowers, cooking and quality time are all part of the tradition, as is gift giving, to celebrate the superwomen in life. This Spring, former social worker turned jewelry designer, Bonnie Jennifer, is launching bright, stretchable gemstone rings, with her signature gold-filled ball design, just in time for Mother’s Day. Perfect for everyday wear, the rings are stackable with a comfort fit, made for moms on the go.

“Ring in Mother’s Day by celebrating mom with fun, style and color. Our gold-filled beaded gemstone rings are comfortable, light, stretch and are available for under $100,” says NY-based designer, Bonnie Jennifer.

Rings are available in ten vibrant gemstone options: ruby, emerald, onyx, pink opal, amethyst, turquoise, amazonite, moonstone, chalcedony, and labradorite. Available in sizes 4 ½ through 9, the gold-filled beads do not tarnish or turn color. The shape, size and hue of gemstones may vary, as well as the orientation of the gemstone as either vertical or horizontal, based on the aesthetic of the stone and the best angle to accentuate its beauty.

Stackable and perfect for mix and matching, these stylish gold-filled rings look great combined, as well as a standalone statement. Bonnie Jennifer’s kaleidoscope offerings bring boldness and creativity to design. In addition, the rings are a comfortable choice for moms working through bloating during pregnancy, as well as for those with arthritis.

Each gemstone has a rich history of symbolism, which can be given with its meaning in mind. Ruby symbolizes love, energy and success, while emerald is emblematic of love and truth. Labradorite, onyx and pink opal are protective stones, while amethyst represents peace and calming energy. Turquoise and amazonite are emblematic of hope, wisdom and truth.  Feminine energy and the power of the lunar cycle are associated with moonstone. For balance and stability, chalcedony is ideal. There is a beaded gemstone ring style for every mother, complementing the positive energy each mom brings to the world. Whether honoring one’s own mother, a mom-to-be, grandmother, aunt, mother-in-law, or friend that deserves love and recognition, Bonnie Jennifer gold-filled beaded gemstone rings will bring a joyful glow to Mother’s Day celebrations.

To order, or to learn more about Bonnie Jennifer, visit https://bonniejennifer.com/ or email bonnie@bonniejennifer.com.

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