Dripping Vegas Jewels

Gen Z uses “drip” to express sexy, hot, on point swagger and style. For those in Vegas this summer, dripping in jewels is the forever dress code. While at Couture and JCK, certain trends stood out, on the show floor and as seen on the streets of New York. Let’s delve into some of our favorites…

This article was originally published in the Fall 2023 issue of The Jewelers Collective. 


As the live-action adaptation of “The Little Mermaid” hit theatres this summer, jewelry and fashion trends turned towards Mermaidcore. Sparkling jewelry features touching nods to the cinematic classic and the aesthetic that surrounds the film. Additionally, Mermaidcore is an homage to our oceans, reminding the wearer of the importance of conservation and taking care of the planet.

Gemstones hues of the sea complement its accessories, with aquamarine, lapis lazuli, turquoise, and mother of pearl accenting maritime aesthetic. Symbols include mermaids, other mythical and real sea creatures, as well as nautical themes. At Couture, Karina Brez debuted her Horsea collection, inspired by immortal Atlantean horses. Brez says, “The Horsea not only continues an ancient story, but it offers a tangible connection to it. Connecting those who have a passion for the equestrian, or the ocean, to storytelling is an expansion of creativity and human nature.” One Kind Art exhibited several oceanic jewelry collections: the Age Collection features tortoise shells, which protects it from foes, the Coin Collection is inspired by shipwrecked coins, and the Rope Collection, where designer, Rachel Eshkol says, “Similar to how ropes bind boats to dock, we are bound by to the ocean by its marvelous and vast beauty.”

Wear jewels with sea-spiration all day, or revel in those Disney princess storylines.

Door, Stop

 Another trending symbol was door jewelry, often in the form of lockets. Nada Ghazal states her Door of Opportunity Collection is “all about embracing new beginnings, and opportunities that life presents.” During the past recent pandemic years, many felt the doors were closing on their personal lives, with losing loved ones, on educational opportunities, socially and in business. In 2023, we are rebounding back into a new normality. Citizens can figuratively and literally open doors again, and the appearance of the door as a recurring motif is a positive reflection on a societal rebound.

The Old World Tree of Life Door by Three Stories Jewelry also represents transitions, beginnings and endings. Company Co-founder, Emily Cohen says “It represents our transition into this beautiful world of designer jewelry that we built during Covid. It was such a dark time, and we created something meaningful and beautiful that tells stories. All the doors open and can hold an image or be engraved by the owner.”

As a locket and pendant, the doors reflecting this trend often function, opening and closing to reveal a hidden treasure inside. Symbolic of the public shift back into routines and going out, door jewelry is a talisman for freedom.

Men in Black

For the men looking to expand their fashion palette, look out for the “Men in Black” trend. A departure from tradition, self-expression is explored. There is a deviation from classic styles, while embracing traditional materials. Black pearls, black diamonds, stainless steel, black spinels and more take center stage within jewelry. The distinctive look creates a sought-after accessory, allowing for individualism to come through.  Visually striking, men can engage with luxury in a playful way. For those looking to develop a signature vibe, these looks are easy to shop. Alex Jane, the designer behind Xander Jane, says, “I was inspired from the DIY street punk style. I wanted to incorporate the fashion aspect of the punk scene and do exactly the opposite of what you would expect and use fine jewelry components. This, of course, goes against the typical punk idea, so the entire line is really a mesh of polar opposites.  I even procured the most premium South Sea Pearls available and massacred them with spikes. The result has been quite sexy, in my opinion. “

KIL N.Y.C.’s Kelly Sword Pendant celebrates the warrior in each person, elegantly featuring black spinels set in sterling silver. Konstantinos says, “I wanted to create something timeless and unisex, and swords are often seen as symbols of strength and perseverance.” The horn pendant, by Rachel Weld, has curves based on geometry found in nature. Vertically extending lines of the body’s neck, it is in counterbalance with the collarbone. Dressed in black diamonds, it offers swagger for a tailored look. Weld says, “My favorite moment is the space between where the points barely come together, creating a sense of tension.”

Elegant and edgy, black gemstones and finishes encapsulate a new dichotomy for men’s jewelry.

From the show floor, to stores, to city street fashion, this is the trending trifecta fine jewelry is moving towards. To engage customers looking for a unique look, consider stocking these styles in store.

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