Fun, Team-Bonding to Replace Happy Hour

Team building exercises are imperative, to keep your team working cohesively. Luckily, there are an array of interesting ideas to connect your team, regardless of whether or not you can all get together. Below we have gathered some of our favorite virtual team building activities and events, for you to check with your jewelry colleagues.


Virtual Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a really fun activity, and now you can bring that fun to you computer. In a virtual escape room, participants in the zoom call can break into groups. Each group will be given a series of clues to the puzzle. Working together, teams collaborate to solve the puzzle, ideally allowing the group to ultimately “escape the room.”


Virtual Beer Making Experience

You can now prep for an at home happy hour with a virtual beer making kit, which you can order online. Each member of the team gets their own kit, with step-by-step instructions, or an online instructor. Making beer is as easy as baking a cake! Give it a try.


Group Movie Night

A group movie night can be an easy, laid back team building event. It gives everyone some commonality and is a relaxing activity to do together. Use TeleParty to sync everybody’s movie together so you know you are all watching the same thing at the same time. TeleParty can also be used so that each person can chat with one another about whatever you decide to watch.


Virtual Cooking Class

Have your team pick up a new skill by taking an online cooking class. It is as easy as signing up to a class online and they will provide you with a list of ingredients you are going to need to have on hand. There are multiple companies online you can choose from. Pick your favorite dish for your team, and get started!


Virtual Clue Murder Mystery

Play detective and solve a mystery with the help of your team. Like the virtual escape rooms, your group will split into teams. Each team will be given a set of clues and case files to review, to try and find the culprit of the murder.

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