Jewelry Display Basics

Whether you are merchandising for a trade show or for your store showroom floor, customers appreciate and are drawn to a unique display. If you are new to it, here are some ideas for how to display fine jewelry:

Consistent Style
Having a consistent style is a key factor to nicely displaying your jewelry. Your jewelry display needs to be consistent with the style and vibe of your customers, and you want to make sure the two styles don’t clash. If your jewelry is classic, go for a neutral colored display with lux materials, to make your jewelry stands out, while keeping a timeless vibe. Your jewelry display should ultimately complement and enhance your pieces.  Jewelry with gemstones should be shown on darker backgrounds to enhance the sparkle and shine. Play around with textures, colors, and display sizes to find what works best for your pieces. However you would describe your jewelry designs is how you should also describe the display you are using.

Customer Friendly
Many shoppers love to buy jewelry, but need guidance on how to style pieces together.  Have a helpful display that showcases how your pieces can be mixed and matched. By having a display that shows how to layer necklaces, vary necklace lengths, stack rings, or layer bangles, it can help the customer envision themselves wearing those pieces. Have  a ring sizer on hand, or a necklace length chart to be even more helpful. Not only will this make the customer less hesitant to purchase the jewelry, but they may even want the whole style you created!

Eye Catching
Having a simple display to show off your designs is great, but you need to catch the customers’ attention. Having one large display that draws people in will make them want to look at the rest of the collections you are offering. For example, if your designs tend to be a more colorful and nature-based, consider a pretty floral arrangement that matches the aesthetic of your designs. A display people can’t walk past without looking at, will pull them in.  Draw their attention so they notice pieces they can’t live without!

Convenience is helpful for both you and the customer. Make sure your display keeps jewelry organized throughout a day of people looking and touching the pieces. Having an organized display makes it easier for people to see the jewelry. Nobody enjoys shopping in an unorganized showroom; disorganization it makes the experience of shopping less enjoyable and more cluttered. To keep things organized, consider using a display box for jewelry, such as rings. Displays can have backgrounds that make the jewelry pop, and they make it easier for the customer to see the jewelry, while being more secure for you. Try getting angled stands for the boxes to sit on to give a display variety. Convenience is always a great idea, especially if you can make it look good.

There are endless ways to display such beautiful jewelry. Jewelry presentation is a very important aspect in selling your pieces, especially when your customer “is just browsing.” Get creative and have fun with the displays!

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