Goshwara: Power of Color

Discover the fascinating world of Goshwara through the eyes of its visionary creator, Sweta Jain, as she takes us on a journey that intertwines her passion for gemstones, design, and life itself. In this exclusive interview, Sweta unveils the captivating story behind the brand’s unique logo,  delves into her firsthand experiences of visiting mines, and shares her design journey.  Sweta’s keen eye for color and shape is mirrored in her collections, and we invite you to join us as she shares her inspirations, experiences, and mantra.

Please share the story behind your unique logo. 

The elephant is considered auspicious, and is a sign of good luck when it has its trunk up. The crown on the elephant symbolizes luxury and royalty. The tear drop-shaped negative spaces in my logo are the shape of a Goshwara, which means “perfect silhouette,” and it is the term we use to ask cutters to cut the perfect teardrop shape. 


How did visiting mines and learning about mining the material for gemstones give you a better appreciation for the products you are putting forward?

I got to see firsthand the process of mining, the difficulties and the hardship the workers have to endure, and most importantly it gave me such a raw connection to my passion. 


Tell us about your experience at FIT and the making of your first piece.

I grew up around gemstones, so I understood them well, but FIT gave me the opportunity to learn what I could create with those beautiful stones. I think my first piece was a silver ring. It was fun and seemed pretty basic till I moved on to the harder stuff 


You mentioned in the designer section of your website that your collection shows how you like to feel in the moment. Which colors best reflect you on a daily basis?

Each day and each moment can be so everchanging, so my color selection is based on that. Typically, though, I gravitate towards emeralds, opals, and rock crystal. 


What are some key steps that you had to take as a business owner to make the company a powerhouse in the world of jewelry?

A few things that were game changers for me were: meeting with retail partners and stores myself, partnering with smaller individual boutiques (not a typical jewelry store), and collaborating with online platforms.


Where did the inspiration behind the silhouettes mixed with gemstones come from?

I always like to play around with colors and shapes. I draw inspiration from geometric shapes and architecture. So, this time I decided to use some of the materials that I don’t typically work with such as lapis, pink opal, malachite etc., and combine them with my regular gemstones, using my silhouettes to create the Mélange collection. 


Tell us about your relationship with the city, and how it influenced the Manhattan collection.

I have loved New York ever since I moved here 29 years back. It feels so much like Mumbai, where I grew up. I love the energy, the vibe, the diversity, and most importantly the architecture. I had been wanting to dedicate a collection to the buildings of New York, especially the twin towers, and hence the idea of double lines as a frame was born. 


What are some of the meanings behind your favorite silhouettes?

My favorite silhouettes are emerald cuts and ovals. They have been inspired by my travels, especially the architecture I see everywhere.


Your company partners with many across the United States. How did those partnerships come to be, and how much of an impact has that had on the business?

My customers are the biggest contribution to the success of this brand. Through 15 years of trade shows, personal visits, and word of mouth, I have had some of the best retail stores bring us on as partners, and over the years we have been a great support to each other through various collaborations. 


Which gemstones have been some of the best sellers, and which one would you consider to be your favorite to work with creatively?

Emeralds is my number 1 seller, and it’s also my favorite. I grew up with emeralds as the primary gemstone that my family sourced and cut. 


On the Sapphire Multi Shape Station Necklace, what was the inspiration for the different shapes and the order of the gemstones?

I wanted to treat the multi-sapphire necklace as a very classic piece but with a subtle hint of playfulness. The various colors complement my other collections very well and the mixed stone sizes make it more fun to wear. 


What designs best embody the “Rock n’ Roll” collection and what were some of the inspirations behind the creation of that collection?

Cabochons don’t get as much love as faceted gemstones, and I really wanted to highlight cabs. So, ‘Rock and Roll’ was born. I wanted to showcase large bold pieces combined with the softness of a cabochon. My large crown ring (from this collection) is the ring I end up wearing the most. It is large, it is bold and it is set in a beautiful setting that’s luxurious, and almost royal. 


What demographics align most with your brand, and how does your company actively appeal to them?

When I started the brand, it was primarily the older woman 45- plus. Now it has grown to encompass a much younger clientele. The Manhattan and Queen collections have brought on board girls as young as 18-20 years of age. 


As mentioned in the designer section of your website, you have multiple interests. How do those interests – flying, photography, art – influence the brand, and you as the designer, to create your pieces?

I have always pursued various interests. In fact, becoming a jewelry designer was never part of my plan. But through the years, all my interests led to me to where I am. Once I had grown out of various hobbies, I realized jewelry design really satisfied my creative side. 


What is your personal and professional mantra?

Believe in yourself, and never ever give up!

The visionary force behind Goshwara, Sweta Jain’s journey is a tapestry woven with passion, experience, and an unrelenting spirit. Her partnership-driven approach and entrepreneurial acumen have transformed Goshwara into a powerhouse in the jewelry world. The silhouettes that grace her collections are inspired by architecture, travel, and an intrinsic passion for beauty. Sweta Jain is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the unyielding pursuit of one’s creative vision. To learn more, visit https://goshwara.com/ or follow IG @goshwara

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