Hosting an Influencer Dinner for a Product Launch

Influencers are essential to a successful product launch, as customers often rely on these individuals to gain information about what is trending in the fashion and jewelry industry. Followers of influencers are inspired by them, when deciding their style and overall aesthetic. The importance of influencers to businesses emphasizes how influencer-related events, such as dinner parties, are essential to a successful product launch.


Before hosting the actual dinner, the event organizer or host must first prepare a list of potential influencers that they would like to invite to their event. These influencers could either be known for advertising similar product categories, or different types. Many businesses depend on micro-influencers, instead of well-known influencers, as customers consider these individuals to be more sincere in content creation.

After carefully considering the guest list, the dinner host must decide on the theme for the event. The theme holds great importance for the launch, as color schemes and decorations used for the event greatly influence the product’s appearance.


When a host considers a theme for the dinner party, decorations, centerpieces, and food options stand at the theme’s core. Businesses who want to launch a brand new jewelry line, or design, should consider incorporating the color of the gems/product used in their pieces into the event’s theme. Event organizers and hosts must also carefully design the venue so that these influencers would treat the event as a photo-op. Making the event Instagrammable is essential for increasing interest and engagement from customers who carefully observe posts made by their favorite influencers.

With product launches, the theme can also dictate the type of food served to these influencers. Typically, dinner parties serve three-course meals to their guests, that often fit into the standard of a “fine-dining experience.” However, small, growing businesses might not have the ability to serve three courses.


Since small businesses may be limited with the budget, concerning the decorations, servers, and venue, these businesses could consider increasing the personalization of the event. Small companies can purchase standard quality decorations and caterers; however, they can add a touch of personalization for their guests, showing how much care they have towards these influencers. Displaying things such as name cards on the guests’ plates, or small gift bags that are personalized to the social media content of these influencers, are some examples of customization that these businesses could incorporate into their events.

Maintaining the interest of guests is an integral part of a dinner event. For every event that holds a product launch, businesses should always remember influencers play an indispensable role in the success of these launches. Consequently, events such as dinner parties must accommodate the needs of these influencers while still being different from events held by one’s competitors.


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