Tips for Creating a Viral Video for Social Media

Content goes viral at all hours of the day, but what causes it to go viral and how can it help your business? Viral content is shared and transported online at outrageous speeds rising in popularity with each view, share, and like. The rise of interaction with the content causes widespread brand awareness. Getting a video to go viral increases in difficulty each day. Follow these tips to give your business the best chance at creating a viral video for social media.

Be Aware of the Timing

The timing created in content can be its most impactful feature. Ensuring the content produced is within the societal expectations of time is essential. Utilizing the limited time available by society will increase the content is viewed entirely. Building the appropriate delivery of the message is determined by its timing. The video needs to enhance its emotional impact as it progresses from the beginning to the end. A high awareness of timing will secure the video delivers its message in a memorable fashion.


Clear and Concise

Your message must be clear and concise in the video; this can be illustrated in creative and effective methods. Utilizing methods that are uncommon when portraying your message will raise the video’s singularity. Illustrating small attributes of your brand values throughout the video can assist in the delivery of the message. Focusing on the delivery of your message will ensure it is clear and concise and limit confusion as it is shared.


Trend Awareness

Utilizing trends is the most successful way to produce a viral video, be aware not every trend is collaborative with brands and products. Staying up to date on the trends is a tool that can produce a viral video. Assure that the trend does not have any harmful impact behind it or as part of the trend before it is utilized. Applying viral audio to your content can increase the views and shares on it especially when paired with hashtags. Knowing what is trending will allow the video to be synced into more timelines raising its engagement.


Be Engaging

Increasing engagement for content starts in its creative process and production if you are not engaging your audience will not interact. Demonstrating to the audience how to interact with the product in an everyday environment will allow them to see themselves with the product. Implement different scenarios where the product can be used from most realistic to least likely, the alternatives will be strange and memorable. A heightened engagement as it is created will encourage engagement from the audience.


Consistency is Key

Becoming viral is about being consistent in the content produced, once the content is shared, they will engage with your social media accounts. Be honest and truthful about the product and what it offers. Utilizing the methods that have been successful prior consistently will allow your content to be unique and engaging to the audience. Being consistent pertains to the production of the content more than the actual content.

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