Goshwara: Uniquely Designed by Sweta Jain

Growing up within a family of gem dealers and manufacturers, Sweta Jain, designer and president of Goshwara, gained firsthand raw material mining experience at a young age. Ultimately, this guided her to follow her love of gemstones. Jain continues to be a purveyor of stones, designing timeless jewelry with organic, and often unmodified gems, which create one-of-a-kind pieces. Read along to find out more about Sweta, and the continued success story of Goshwara.

With a love for gemstones, can you share with us a specific memory in which you had a feeling, or a sense of foreshadowing, that this would become your career?

I have always been inspired by my father, who is a gem dealer/manufacturer and would be curious about each of his trips. Going to the mines was always adventurous and interesting! And then learning at the cutting facilities forged my passion for the business. 

The Goshwara Instagram features celebrities wearing your designs; can you describe how it feels to see them wearing your jewelry for big events, such as The Golden Globes?

It feels absolutely amazing! I am always excited to meet any of my clients in person and to see my jewelry on them, but it definitely excites me to see them on celebrities, because then I know more people will see my pieces.

Can you explain the meaning behind Goshwara’s logo? What does it signify to you and why was it chosen?

An elephant with a trunk up is auspicious in my country and my culture. Also, the elephant in old times was used by the Maharajas as a means of transportation, so an elephant with a crown symbolizes royalty. I wanted to associate the brand with quality, class, and with timelessness. 

Your “Innate” collection utilizes mostly unmodified and organic gemstones, to ensure uniqueness. Can you elaborate on why you believe it is important to incorporate uniqueness into these designs?

When I developed Innate, I was in a very different place in my life. My kids have always inspired me to have more fun and let myself loose a bit, even at work. I felt these unique gemstones were very playful, had character, and were easy to lift the mood.

How has growing up, experiencing firsthand the process of mining raw materials (to later be manufactured into gemstones) helped you become the designer you are today?

Absolutely! I feel I have a great advantage over other designers because of my knowledge of gemstones and manufacturing. Also, it helps me big time to customize pieces knowing all the possibilities, and having the ability to cut to specifications.

As a purveyor of stones, specifically exquisite colored gems, how has having strong family involvement benefitted the craftsmanship put into your timeless jewelry?

Having firsthand knowledge and access to the gemstones has allowed me to be more creative, and has allowed me to keep my costs on even the finest gemstones low. This in turn has kept the prices of my pieces fair, the benefit of which goes to the ultimate consumer. It also helps me to create and cut unique shapes and customize pieces to make one-of-a-kind creations. 

Outside of your family, who has been your greatest influence in jewelry design?

It’s not an individual, per se…becoming a mother and learning from my kids each day has definitely influenced some of my choices as a designer. As my children came into their teens and then became young adults, I too grew as an individual and I feel that my design choices evolved into a bit more eclectic and fun!

Can you elaborate on the most important lesson you learned during your time at the Fashion Institute of Technology?

Believe in your own ideas and designs and follow those beliefs! This will allow us to be more unique in our creativity. 

You also are a certified pilot, artist, and photographer. Are you still involved in these interests? Can you explain what motivated you to become a certified pilot?

I was always super adventurous and loved to take on challenges. I was always fascinated by flying, but the movie “Top Gun” definitely sealed the deal for me. I had to learn to fly and get a license. Unfortunately, I have not been able to pursue flying for a while now. With my business and family, it has been harder to go back to. I do still dabble in photography and paint, occasionally. 

What was the first piece of jewelry you created? Has your style changed since then?

One of the very first pieces that I created under Goshwara was this large Mandarin Garnet 100 carat ring! It was fabulous. It has a new home now but here is an image (below). I feel my style has evolved but has not really changed. I still am most inspired by architecture from my travels and in everyday life.

The “Freedom” collection allows for the wearer to snap open the cage surrounding the gemstone. Can you tell us the inspiration for this function, and its symbolic meaning?

 I always wanted to create versatile jewelry so a woman could have multiple uses for a piece. Hence, I created a cage which allows an individual Freedom of Choice. To be able to free the cage of any stone and wear it without one and/or to be able to pick any color desired on a given day.

Where do you look to find inspiration when designing a new jewelry collection? Does it come to you naturally, or are there places where you seek inspiration?

 I am inspired primarily by architecture and my travels, which encompass art and nature and my experiences.

Sweta Jain has an amazing story within the continuation of a family legacy in gem manufacturing. For even more information about Goshwara, follow their Instagram @goshwara and their website https://shopgoshwara.com/ .

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