Kharis Pearl Brings Luster to Summer Jewelry

Kharis III Necklace by Valani Atelier
18K Yellow Gold Necklace with Akoya Pearls on 18” chain (extends to 20”)

Designer Heena Shah Introduces a New Collection, Featuring Japanese Akoya Pearl.

For timeless style, women have turned to pearls for an understated, elegant look. From date night to the board room, they are the staple of grace and luxury. Versatile and distinct, pearl jewelry ranges from delicate stackables to large statement pieces. Award-winning designer Heena Shah elevates the organic gemstone in her latest Valani Atelier collection, Kharis Pearl; it features Japanese Akoya and 18K yellow gold accessories.

For a fresh summer look, the new Kharis III Pearl Necklace features three stunning pearls on chain, perfect for layering. Graduated with 7mm and 6.5mm pearls, each pearl drop on the necklace features VS diamonds with geometric settings. Sitting along the collarbone at 18 inches, Kharis III is the perfect everyday indulgence.

Hand-selecting Akoyas with exceptional luster and round shapes, Heena Shah utilizes her family’s 8o+ years of experience with responsible gemstone sourcing, gathering the finest for Kharis Pearl. Shah says, “Akoya pearls found off the coast of Japan have been the premium pearl of choice for nearly 100 years. They are well known for their high quality, perfectly round shape, and sharp, reflective luster, making them the perfect choice for my collection.”

In the Kharis Peak Pearl Ring, a modern hexagon setting sits comfortably on the hand, with a centered diamond and asymmetrically placed pearl. Bold and sculptural, it can be stacked alongside other Hexa rings in the Valani Atelier collection or worn alone as a statement piece. Kharis Pearl Earrings match the collection necklaces, bringing back studs for layering and chic, beach-inspired looks. A wardrobe staple, they work with any outfit, upgrading shorts, or highlighting summer shades.

Kharis Pearl Earrings by Valani Atelier
18K Yellow Gold Stud Earrings with Akoya Pearl and Diamonds

For a bold look, Kharis Hexa Pearl Earrings are the vacation staple. These are the pair of hoops that every woman needs, brought to the next level. A collection signature, they add glamour to a maxi dress and are easy to pack for jet-set style. Similarly, the Kharis Hexa Pearl Necklace sits across the heart, a beautiful gift to give, or to treat oneself with.

Believed to have a calming effect, pearls have been treasured and passed on throughout generations. Loyalty, integrity, generosity, and purity are meanings associated with them. In the Kharis Hexa Pearl Necklace, the Akoya sitting in the base of the hexagon—balanced and free—is symbolic of its wearer.

“Luminescent pearls bring light to the face, and confidence to every look. They can show off a woman’s poise and ease by illuminating the summer’s bold colors. Because they’re so essential to any contemporary, luxurious style, I think of them as the base for a kind of minimal, modern uniform. They add refinement and luxuriousness to every look, from poolside to an elegant night out” says Heena Shah, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Valani Atelier.

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