Office Pick-Me-Ups

Counting down the minutes until it is time to clock out and go home… I’m sure we have all been there! It can be hard to stay awake, let alone focused sometimes. Some people opt for a coffee or an energy drink to avoid the eyes shutting, but there are so many other ways to get your focus back.

Here are our seven favorite pick-me-ups:

Coffee and Energy Drinks:

Nothing new with this one. A coffee or a good old Red Bull might be just enough to get you back on track. The caffeine will certainly give you the boost of energy needed, but take it easy!

Get Up and Move

It is probably the best way to fight sleep, as obvious as this may sound. If you have been sitting in front of a screen all day, a change of scenery can help perk you up. Get some water, stretch, pick something up from a printer, or if you have a longer break, you can even go on a walk around the block. This small activity and shift in posture and scenario might be enough to shake off the urge to sleep.

Drink Water

Dehydration can make your exhaustion much worse. We understand the urge to drink 5 cups of coffee a day, but keeping yourself hydrated will truly help you get less fatigued in the long run. Sipping on your water also helps you stay more alert.

Careful with Your Snacks

Snacks usually work like coffee; some people will reach for the caffeine, and others will choose a treat; however, the food you consume directly affects your mood and performance. Junk food and comfort snacks might give you a quick spike in your blood sugar, followed by a quick drop, which leaves you tired. Therefore, it is better to opt for healthier snacks that take longer to digest and boost up your energy more evenly.

Be Entertained 

Aside from being super tired at work, sometimes it might get boring, making you even sleepier. So, if your task permits, try to listen to some music while completing your work because that can definitely switch up your mood and help you shake off the fatigue.

All of these tips can be used to help you get through a day or two, but a good night of sleep is truly the only answer!

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