Optimizing Your Jewelry Sales this Valentine’s Day

One of the most beloved gifts one can give on Valentine’s Day is a cherished and meaningful piece of jewelry. December to February each year is when the most jewelry is sold, so make your jewelry eye-catching and desirable with these simple tips and tricks.

Create a Promotion
Creating incentives for buyers for the holiday is key. According to several surveys, 50% of people buying gifts for Valentine’s Day only make a purchase when there is a promotion involved. Create a discount on certain, popular items for a select time in the beginning of February to draw in buyers looking for gifts. Rather than losing money by lowering prices, creating a promotion will increase the number of items bought, allowing your company to generate more revenue.

Advertise through Social Media
Nowadays most people spend large portions of their days scrolling through social media sites, such as Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and more. Creating an account for your jewelry brand, building a following, and posting high quality pictures of your pieces will elevate the amount of people who see your brand and designs. People often find items to purchase unsuspectingly through their explore pages, or while searching under a broad topic. To take it a step further, most social media apps now offer ad space dependent on how long someone is scrolling, and ads pop up between posts. By buying ad space, a brand is guaranteed to make it onto thousands of different pages and catch the eyes of users who may be looking for the perfect jewelry item this Valentine’s Day.

Understand your Gender Demographic
Different genders generally have very different spending tactics for Valentine’s Day. For example, men tend to spend almost twice as much as women on gifts. Take a deep dive into your demographics to see what genders are more likely to wear your products, and therefore, what genders would be buying these products for them as gifts. Typically, men prefer solid information about a product to weigh the pros and cons of different options whereas women tend to look for an emotional connection and strong brand story. Dependent upon what you find out about your target customer, you should aim your Valentine’s Day marketing toward who would buy them a gift.

Create a Gift Guide
Providing a Valentine’s Day gift guide with an arrangement of different pieces from your brand and sharing it across your social media pages, website, and mailing lists will give consumers an easy shopping experience with plenty of options- all from your brand! Organize your list dependent upon price and category, and make sure to include images and short descriptions of each piece. Keep the gift guide simple and well-organized and you will provide consumers with
a perfect way to buy their Valentine’s gifts from you!

Make sure you are advertising at full speed in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day for the best sales outcomes for the Holiday in 2022! Research your target customers, think of a promotion, and advertise, advertise, advertise across all your platforms! Valentine’s Day is a jewelry sellers dream, make this year the best yet with these simple steps.

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