Strong & Precious Shares Inspiration Behind “Shining Women” Campaign

Illuminating and expressing oneself through meaningful, wearable art jewelry, Strong & Precious promotes empowerment.

The Strong & Precious Art Foundation is proud to announce the story behind its latest campaign, “Shining Women,” inspired by the resilience and inner light of Ukrainian women. Founded by Olga Oleksenko, a visionary jewelry connoisseur and curator, the Strong & Precious Art Foundation seeks to promote Ukraine’s vibrant jewelry heritage and showcase the extraordinary craftsmanship of its designers.

“In the light of this resilience of the Ukrainian nation that we have been watching for almost two years, it is clear that for Ukrainians, what they wear and how they adorn themselves is not only about decoration but about communicating profound messages,” says Olga Oleksenko, Founder of Strong & Precious. “Jewelry is not limited to jewelry for Ukrainians — it’s an heirloom expressing hidden meanings. Our idea was to express the inner light that exists within a person choosing jewels with meaning. It is a light that shines throughout difficulties encountered along the way, a light that helps overcome them.”

The “Shining Women” campaign draws inspiration from the resilience demonstrated by Ukrainians during challenging times, particularly the blackout experienced after heavy Russian bombing which disabled the Ukrainian energy system, plunging the country into darkness. Throughout the campaign, the Strong & Precious Art Foundation aims to celebrate the strength of Ukrainians, highlighting the transformative power of jewelry as a form of artistic expression.

Established in April 2022, the Strong & Precious Art Foundation is committed to supporting Ukraine’s growth and development by promoting Ukrainian jewelry-making expertise and showcasing its roots and influence, from ancient times to the present day. The foundation collaborates with individuals that embody unique concepts, ensuring the preservation and advancement of the Ukrainian jewelry school.

“Through ‘Shining Women,’ we seek to amplify the voices and stories of Ukrainian women, honoring their resilience, strength, and preciousness,” says Olga Oleksenko. “Our hope is that this campaign will inspire and uplift women around the world, reminding them of their inner light and the power of self-expression through jewelry.”

The campaign’s “Blackout” earrings directly reference Kyiv’s plunge into darkness, which was photographed in black and white. The pair contrasts black onyx and diamond, in a beautiful gradient reflecting light to dark, angled to always shine against any shadows.  A piece with ancient cultural symbolism, the one-of-a-kind ‘Tripillia’ necklace by Gunia Project is an homage to the advancement and history of the Trypillia, which existed on Ukrainian land dating back to 5,000 B.C. Imagery from this culture, such as the goddess Venus, is cast in 18K gold with an emerald-cut diamond centerpiece. Wheat ears and a whorl motif, reminiscent of a twisting mountain road, are shown in the ‘Kolossinia’ necklace by Yuval’ Studios, which reflects symbols of the Carpathian Mountains, inspired by the metallurgy from the Donbas region. The ‘Links’ brooch by Inesa Kovalova displays is a high-quality Ukrainian heliodor from Volodarsk Volynskii, sourced by Nomads, gem dealers of Ukrainian origin. It symbolizes unity between the east and west of Ukraine. 

As part of the campaign, the Strong & Precious Art Foundation will continue to host a series of events, exhibitions, and initiatives to spotlight Ukrainian women and their contributions to art, culture, and society. Additionally, the foundation will carry on collaborating with art institutions to curate special collections inspired by Ukraine, and the themes of inner light and strength.

“In the face of adversity, Ukrainians stand as beacons of resilience, radiating fortitude amidst the darkness of conflict,” emphasizes Olga Oleksenko. “As we embark on the ‘Shining Women’ campaign, let us not only honor their unwavering spirit but also extend our support to Ukraine in its time of need, especially with international aid. Together, through the transformative power of collective action, we can illuminate a path towards peace.”

For partnership questions, or for more information about Strong & Precious Art Foundation, visit https://www.strongandprecious.com/. For inquiries regarding this press release contact Pietra Communications at 212-913-9761 or email info@pietrapr.com


About the Strong & Precious Art Foundation: 

Strong & Precious Art Foundation is dedicated to promoting Ukraine’s vibrant jewelry heritage and showcasing its designers. Established in April 2022 by art collector and jewelry connoisseur Olga Oleksenko, the foundation emerged from a heartfelt desire to contribute to Ukraine’s positive growth and development. Guided by the belief that beauty can inspire and uplift, the Strong & Precious Art Foundation embarked on a journey to uncover the captivating story of Ukrainian jewelry and art, while highlighting the exceptional talent that has thrived for centuries.

The mission of the Strong & Precious Art Foundation is to support the Ukrainian agenda and tell the world about the work of Ukrainian artists. Collaborating with those that embody creative expression, the foundation ensures the preservation and advancement of Ukrainian jewelry design. Through exhibitions and initiatives, the Strong & Precious Art Foundation strives to promote Ukrainian jewelry-making expertise, sharing its roots and influences, from ancient times to the present day. https://www.strongandprecious.com/

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