Suzy Levian Unveils New Sunglasses Collection Inspired by Jewelry Motifs

Suzy Levian adds a new accessory, sunglasses, to her evolving brand.

Suzy Levian Women’s Clear Floral Oversize Sunglasses


Suzy Levian continues to grow and evolve her brand to meet the style demands and individualism of the contemporary woman. Her entire collection, from jewelry to home décor, is designed to be worn and displayed today and well into the future—classic items that are also relevant to a modern lifestyle. From jewelry designer, working in her family’s business, the only girl and youngest in a family of five children, Suzy Levian decided to branch out on her own to create a jewelry collection that appealed to strong, independent women that desired pieces they could wear every day, accessible at different price points. After her fine jewelry collection launched, and she created offshoots of the brand’s precious metals and gemstones, to include silver and cubic zirconia pieces crafted with the same precision and looked like the real thing, she then began designing accessories for the home and for the body. Her latest endeavor is sunglasses in a myriad of shapes, colored lenses, and frame motifs.

Suzy Levian Women’s Blue Oversize Silver Chain Accent Sunglasses

“I strive to be the designer who creates head-to-toe-pieces that every woman will want to own, including jewelry, handbags, accessories and now sunglasses,” says Suzy Levian. “I have always loved being able to dress up and down, and many times that includes wearing shades, depending on my mood and what I choose to wear on any given day.”

Suzy Levian believes that the shape of sunglasses expresses a sense of style, a feeling of strength and should always make a personal statement. Within her new collection, there is no clear definition of what each shape means; rather the sunglasses represent a fashion statement that appeals to each woman on different levels. “Some people wear sunglasses to feel hip, cool, and confident. Contrary to idea that people seek to ‘hide’ behind tinted lenses out of insecurity, some feel more attractive in a set of shades, because confidence itself is an alluring quality”.

Suzy Levian Women’s Pink Clear Rose Gold Chain Accent Sunglasses

Like all of Suzy Levian’s collections. The sunglasses are replete with “the secret diamond” crystal hidden within them, encouraging women to discover the diamond within themselves.

The collection includes a range of shapes that tend to be iconic in the sunglasses category throughout the 20th century, including cat eye, aviator, large squarish and oversized round shapes—some more serious, others with a sense of play and whimsy.

Suzy Levian’s love for colorful, gem-intensive designs inspired her affinity for colorful frames. Her ability through her designs, to empower women to feel attractive and bring out their best selves, inspired the motifs. If you look closely you will find that the colors and patterns in her sunglasses can also be found in her jewelry collections.

Suzy Levian Women’s Beige Tortoise Square Lens Gold Accent Sunglasses

Pink is one of the most relevant colors seen this year, and Suzy Levian has built a collection of shades based on pink sapphires for various tones of the pretty, feminine hue. Her Suzy Levian Women’s Light Pink Oversize Square Lens Silver Accent Sunglasses evoke a 50s glamour while still being of-the-moment. The soft pink frames and darker pink lenses complement each other, and many different skin tones. Floral motifs blossom on the frames inspired by the botanical jewelry in the collection, such as The Suzy Levian Women’s Clear Floral Oversize Sunglasses. These tend to be the more feminine and flirtatious motifs in the sunglass collection. Aviator sunglasses were originally designed for U.S. aviators in 1937. This stye of sunglasses is timeless, rendered by Suzy in a range of precious metal colors in the frames and gemstone colors in the lenses, as in the Suzy Levian Women’s Blue Reflector Mirrored Aviator Classic Gold Frame Sunglasses.

Suzy Levian Women’s Beige Tortoise Square Pink Mirrored Lens Sunglasses

The iconic cat eye sunglasses in tortoiseshell are inspired by brown diamonds in Suzy Levian’s collection. They are chic, imbued with a sensuality that has been worn by legendary actresses throughout the 20th century. Suzy Levian Women’s Brown Tortoise Square Cat-Eye Lens Gold Chain Sunglasses capture all the details of a classic, with Suzy Levian’s powerful details for the women who prefers her individual style to shine through. Abstract splashes of color comprise the more whimsical and playful frames influenced by the colorful gems within the collection, as featured in the Suzy Levian Women’s Purple Tortoise Round Lens Silver Accent Sunglasses while Suzy Levian’s solid black sunglasses are a nod to her black diamond jewelry, like the Suzy Levian Women’s Black Oversize Square Lens Silver Accent Sunglasses.

The new sunglass collection is a perfect complement to the brand’s accessories and jewelry, designed by a masterful woman designer who possesses an uncanny eye and feeling for what women of all demographics want to wear.

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About Suzy Levian

Suzy Levian is the youngest of the five children of Mr. A. LeVian, the founder of LeVian Corp. While working with her brothers at LeVian Corp., Suzy opened her own business, with the goal of empowering women through beautiful, affordable jewelry designs for all. Her signature collections are renowned for their breathtaking juxtaposition of gemstones and curves. Passionate and energizing, Suzy Levian creates provocative, elegant accessories catering to women invigorating their inner power.

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