Tips for Self-Publishing Authors

A book is the ultimate way to establish yourself and prove your credibility in a specific area. Authors are oftentimes perceived as instant subject matter experts. If you have always dreamed of writing and publishing your own book, we have some tips that will certainly help you establish yourself as an expert in your field.


Create a Great Website and Social Media Platforms

It is undeniable that having a strong website and social media platforms can help you establish yourself as credible in the field. For jewelry writers, for instance, making posts about the jewelry industry will certainly prove to your followers and readers that you are truly knowledgeable about the topic. It is also important to remember that LinkedIn is an essential platform when trying to establish yourself in your field. In our previous article Using LinkedIn For Your Jewelry Business we explain how to use the platform to position yourself in the field.

Get an Amazon Author Page

If you are self-publishing, Amazon is likely your main source of sales, but don’t just sell, take it a step further and set up your own Author Page on  Use your Author page to provide more info for your readers: a detailed description of your book, upcoming events, pictures, links to your website and anything else that helps people get to know you better. An Amazon Author page also helps you climb up Google’s rankings and lets you add a preview of your book to your book’s sales page, which is only available with an Author Profile.

Understand Your Target Market

When self-publishing, it is important to understand your audience. Make sure that you make your writing publications under the right category and that they will reach the right people. Once you understand your audience it also becomes easier to write about things that they are interested in, that way you can cover a variety of topics and prove your understanding of the jewelry industry.

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