Making 1-on-1 Meetings Meaningful

One-on-one meetings with employees or customers are an effective way to learn more about a person
while having a conversation. Here, we share a few tips on how to make each conversation more effective and

Customer Meetings
Making a customer meeting meaningful starts with a great first impression. You want to make sure that before the meeting itself, you come across as friendly, accommodating, and still professional. You can do this through your messages prior to the meeting. Make sure you respond in a timely manner to show how you are making them a priority, so they do not feel forgotten. In your response or initial message, make sure you are able to understand their needs and the goals of your upcoming meeting. You also want to make sure you schedule the meeting at a convenient time, since it can be frustrating for you and the customer if there is constant canceling and rescheduling.

As for during the meeting, you want to come prepared. Since you have already set goals and have gotten an understanding of want your customer wants out of the meeting, make sure you have everything you need to fulfill their needs. Regarding the environment for the meeting, try to make it comfortable and relaxing. Start with a friendly conversation first, not just a quick “How are you?” Begin with a full conversation to show you care about them. This will make the rest of the meeting feel more personal, as you will truly be building a personal connection with your customer. Being prepared, personal, and engaging makes the one-on-one meeting more meaningful for you and your customer. Making sure they are comfortable will give them the chance to express their true needs in a way where you will be able to do your best to help them.

Employee Meetings
Employee one-on-one meetings are a great opportunity for feedback, coaching, and building relationships. Your employees already have learned how to communicate with you effectively, making
setting goals easier, as well as understanding each other’s goals. It is still important to be approachable, cooperative, and professional with your employees. Being approachable will make it easier on your employee when they have feedback, and will make them more receptive to your feedback. When you set meetings try your best not to cancel too often however, and then your employees may be more understanding as to why you need to reschedule. That being said, you still need to make your employee feel seen and as a priority. Make them aware of what you are dealing with, and they will have more tolerance for it.

As for where you should have your one-on-one meeting, you might want to consider a neutral area to meet. Pulling them into your office may make them hesitant or nervous. Try a conference room or go out to lunch. Starting the meeting should be similar to how you should start a meeting with your customers. Have a casual conversation. This will be easier as you can ask more specific questions about family, but make sure not to overstep. Having these conversations with employees one-on-one helps build a relationship and in the long run will make them more willing to talk to you about issues or ideas they have. Being personal with employees will make this one-on-one meeting, as well as others, more meaningful and effective.

The most important part of making a one-on-one meeting more meaningful is to make the situation comfortable. One-on-one meetings are a great way to get to know someone, which leads to better
communication overall.

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